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    If pain meds keep you awake.....

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    For those of you are on pain management, if you are in pain at bedtime what do you do if pain meds keep you awake instead of making you sleepy like they do most people? Do you take it so you can quit hurting, (but be up all night....obviously the choice I made tonight). Or, do you not take it and hope the pain will pass and try to fall asleep and hope that the pain wont be so bad that you wont be able to sleep thru it? (Hope that makes sense.)

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    amaranthe I have the same problem. Around late in the afternoon I usually know if it will be a pain evening. I take my pain pills around 4:30 or 5P.M. The meds (with me) will reach it's peak in about two hours. I take sleeping pills and a muscle relaxer just before I go to bed. This seems to work for me. If I took the pain pill just before I retire I know I would never get any real sleep. Because I took the pain pill so early, it is starting to run down and does not effect my sleep but I'm out of the worst pain. I Pray you find a way that works for you. Hugs, Ziggy

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    Thanks, Zygala! I have Ambien, but I cant take it every nite or it doesnt work for me. So I only take it when I get my days and nites mixed up (like will need it tonite since was obviously up all nite last nite so will sleep all day today). Yeah, mine peaks at about 2 hrs too. But, I stay awake long afterwards. Like I was hurting at 10pm and HAD to take it..(it was an 8 out 10 pain), so now it is almost 5am and I'm still up. Ugh! Shoulda took the Ambien last nite I guess! But, I only had 3 left to last me 2 more weeks. (I just get 7 a month.)

    Anyway, just didnt know if I was the only weird one out there that pain meds didnt make me sleepy, and if not what other people did or if everybody else took sleeping pills if they had to take a pain med at bedtime. I just know I HATE getting my days and nites mixed up!

    Thanks again for your reply!
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    No I have actually heard this MANY times. Vicodin and Percocet did this to me but I think short acting meds generally effect your "feelings" more because they are released all right away. I used to overdo it BIG time b/c I would get the bursts of energy and would clean, cook, etc. and then notice I was in even more pain! That was one of the reasons I had trouble with short acting.

    Dr. Brookoff actually has a section in his pain med lecture where he talks about this side effect. He said he uses Methadone at night for his patients who get hyped up. He said that generally makes people sleepier than some of the other meds.

    I cant take Ambien every night either or it totally stops working and I mean totally. I try to never take it more than a few times a month but sometimes you can tell you will be up all night. I find that meds like Ativan, Xanax and Valium work better for me for sleeping but my doc wont give me those ones so I haven't taken them in a long time.

    I HATE when I stay up all night and then I want to sleep all day but then the process repeats itself that night! It is SO hard to stay up all day though. Maybe you could make it to the evening and take a sleeping pill then? Hope something works!

    Current meds; , effexor 37.5 mg 2 times a day, and lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day, lots of reading and snuggling with the pets!

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    Thanks Sara! So, I guess there must be several of us like this, huh? I know that you are still working. That has to really be hard for you having this side effect. (Not to mention IC itself!!!) I am very fortunate to be able to sleep in the daytime when needed. I dont know how any of you that still work are able to do it, but you all have my respect, and if anyone knew what you were REALLY going thru, you'd all be the most respected members of society!

    I guess I will keep doing what I have been doing. Was just curious what others in my boat did. Thanks again!

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one...I just started taking Percocet b/c of my recent injuries (on prayer thread). It doesn't make me sleepy. Fortunately, I was also given flexeril by the doc so my muscles could relax some. That helps.

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    Vicodin/Percocet sometimes have stimulant effects

    The above do stimulate some people, and make others drowsy. When I still took pain meds., it was a constant battle to sleep b/c Vicodin was the most effective for me, yet wired me. And....Atarax (hydroxyzene hydrochloride) tends to enhance the effects of any narcotics because it is closely chemically related to Vistaril (pamoat hydrochloride).

    In the hospital setting (before disability I was an ER and OR RN) Demerol and Vistaril were usually given together. Vistaril not only enhances the effects of narcotics, but is also good for preventing nausea that can also be a side effect of narcotics.

    So many patients w/IC take Atarax, for those of us who are stimulated by Vicodin, it's tough.

    That explains it, and I hope that helps.

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