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    Ativan/Valium/Xanax question

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    Sorry to start another thread but I wanted to ask everyone who is using pain mgmt for IC pain if they are also taking a muscle relaxant/benzo?

    I am wondering because I have never really needed one before now. I used b&o supps for my PFD and for pain with sex. I had xanax prescribed to me but never used the bottle and it expired so I threw it out. I was given 60 with 3 refills and let them all expire I wish I would NOT have done that.

    Anyway, my pain doctor seems TOTALLY against giving me anything to help my spasms/anxiety. My anxiety is the worst part for me right now. My life has gone through such upheavel that sometimes I wonder how I even breathe.

    I went through one weekend where I didnt sleep for 72 hours. So I went to the ER and they called my GP who prescribed some Ativan. Man did those things help. I got very few pills and used them as sparingly as I could. When I ran out I asked my pain doctor for more and he said no way.

    I am seeing him on Monday and would like to come in with some info about using them with the pain meds. I know he most likely will not budge but I am pretty lost about what to do now. I am so icky right now, I would do anything to get help. I miss my old dr so much I cried today. She would help me each and every time I asked, even giving me shots of demerol to get the pain under control. I dont think I will EVER have a doc like her again.

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    I have been on Valium for most of my years dealing with IC. I take one vaginally (crushed up) and the other orally each night before bed. It helps me relax so that my sleep meds will work better. I take Rezorem or Lunesta (I go back and forth) so that I can get the sleep I need. I have had insomnia even before I was diagnosed with IC 20 years ago. My mother has also dealt with insomnia most of her life. I am sorry your doctor doesn't want to listen to information you have gathered to help you out with your symtoms. My doctor also prescribes Soma 3 times a day,but I just take it at night now. Except for Prosed DS, I don't take any other meds during the day. Prosed DS has been very beneficial for me regarding all my IC symptoms. I no longer have retention which was a major pain trigger for me if I didn't empty quickly after I felt the urge to go. Now I can go hours without having to go to the bathroom. Prosed DS has also allowed me to decrease the need for meds that I have needed for years in order to function on a daily basis. I have even been able to quit amitriptyline which I took for years.

    Keep us posted on what your doctor says. I would suggest that you write down your concerns and keep a diary of your pain scale and sleep times for him to look at. My doctor is very understanding about the need to get rest so that my body can tolerate my symptoms as much as possible.

    Hugs, T83

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    I'm on Zanaflex, but its not for my IC - its for my fibromyalgia. It does help me sleep but thats because it knocks me out . I used to take 4 mg 4 times a day and I was walking and driving - how I dont know..well..I DO..I built up a tolerance to it. Then when things felt better, I decreased the amount to where I am now - I'm down to 2 pills a day, mainly early evening and about 40 mins before bedtime. Once in a while on very very bad days I may take the 4, but not unless I want to stay in bed all day long sleeping (not necessarily a bad thing either sometimes) . On average I get about 4 hours of sleep a night, sometimes less - depends on my body, but I've been that way for years and have grown accustomed to it unfortunately. A good nights sleep for me is 5 hours if I'm lucky. I envy those that can sleep a solid 8 hours or more! Oh how I wish I could do that!

    If you have anxiety - perhaps an anti-anxiety medication would be best for you. I know many on here are on Klonopin or other anti-anxiety meds, and talking with a therapist always helps. There are also techniques you can use to help alleviate the stress and signs or triggers that can bring on anxiety.
    Talk to your doctor and see what he says - but also look into relaxation techniques that you can do yourself too. They do help alot - lamaze breathing is a HUGE stress reliever, so is holding your breath and counting to 10 slowly while you breath out with each number. It sounds corny I know, but it really does help hun. These are tricks and secrets I've learned (amoung many many others) over the 11+ years I've had IC and so many other conditions; and from being bounced around from doctor to doctor, not having pain meds for months at a time (same reason, doctors not wanting to give them..), dealing with difficult situations, family members, stresses with the job - you name it.

    I feel so badly for you - you poor thing. You're going through such a tough time, but know that we're here and understand. If I could jump thru the computer and give you a big ol' hug sweetie ..I would!


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    I have tried all the benzos. Ativan, xanax, Clonazepam you name it.
    If the Ativan helped you I would really try to get your doctor to give you some.
    I haven't had much luck with any of them but I hope you can find something that works for you.
    Good Luck!
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    I second the vote on vaginal valium for PFD; I have never managed to insert it after crushing (how do you do that?) but it seems to dissolve. For anxiety, I've had good luck with both xanax and klonapin, but everyone's different. If ativan worked for you, then I would think that's what you should be asking for. Can you ask you GP, or can you make an appointment to see a psychiatrist (because they are MD's and can prescribe meds)?

    It sounds like your doctor has a rooted objection to muscle relaxants, which is unusual in my experience. A lot of people who add in a muscle relaxant find they're able to cut back on pain meds. I have wonderful doctors now, but even the crummy doctors would usually let me have some xanax for anxiety!

    Good luck, dear. This is so frustrating because you know what the solution is, and you're just not getting access to it. Grrr. You're in my thoughts.
    Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
    Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

    Peace, Carolyn

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    You are correct, he has an aversion to benzos and relaxants. He was ****** that my GP has been giving me Ambien for years. He said it is only to be used on a week long basis. I was like I havent taken it every day for years!!

    He just seems to be afraid to add anything he thinks might be "addicting" which is strange because he is an addiction/pain mgmt doctor and he has never placed any type of rules or restraint on me. He always tells me I have no signs of addiction and that he trusts me totally. So I dont get why he is being so weird about the Ativan.

    My old doctor gave me so many Xanax and B&O that I didnt need to get more for over a year. By then all the refills and some of the pills were expired and she had left Kaiser. i didnt know that all doctor wouldnt have been like that. She was the best doctor ever. Imiss her every single day. WE keep in touch though! LOL you know you have IC when you stay best friends with your ob/gyn.

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    just wantedto add that I have been on valium for over 2 years now.. 2mg 3x a day.. plus 10mg vag suppository
    Healing thoughts


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    You were lucky your doctor did not allow you another dosage. I took Lorazepam (ativan) for only one month and became addicted. Sometimes it is better to suffer a little at the begining without the medicine. Addiction is only one of many Lorazepam side effects and that is for sure.

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    Just Started Ativan AND laser therapy

    My Dr is ok with putting me on a muscle relaxer because of my lyme disease. I tried Valium and it didnt help, so now its day 3 of ativan and it makes me sooo drowsy, and i haven't noticed a difference in iC pain.. I also take Norco daily and that used to help with Pain, but now it doesn't
    My new functional doc is having me do infrared laser therapy on my lower back and bladder, about twice a week for a month to see if it helps the nerves conntected to the bladder to stop the pain. Anyone else try this?

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