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    What to do if your medications are stolen

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    Health Central has a good article about what to do if you're pain meds are stolen. This hits home to me because a good IC friend had her husband suddenly pass away in his sleep last year. His pain medications walked out the door with one of the emergency crews never to be seen again. It may have been stolen or taken for investigation (he died of a massive coronary) but, in any case, there are times when, through no fault of our own, medications disappear. This article might help!

    Jill O.
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    whenever we are in the hotel at U of Michigan and we leave early that am I take all my meds in my travel case and lock them in my father's trunk of his care. I had an RN friend on oxycontin who had his stolen from his hotel room while he was out in Vegas gambling etc.
    Also, my hairdresser in Jamaica had her vicodin for her post op pain stolen from her hotel room there. You never know

    I also took care of a patient a young girl. That surgeon gives all of his patients their pain meds at their preop appt so when they are discharged to go home they don't have to stop and get them filled. She young mid 20's had a party at her house and someone got into her dresser drawer and stole all of the vicodin. The surgeon would not write her another script for pain pills see now it's his DEA number out there twice in a few days. He would not write her a script until she filed a police report then callled his office with the police report number......... then he would gladly call in more pain pills after that. He was covering his own license.

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    The few times that I travel (I leave in a small lock box at home) and take only what is needed; same thing when I go to work each day, only the amount of what I need, (I leave also most of my credit cards, cash at home as well) this way if my purse is stolen then I didn't really lose anything, of course, I will still call the police and report the credit cards.

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    This is a very important article. Two years ago, the mailboxes at my apartment complex were broken into. Twenty-five tenants lost their mail that night. The police officer who came out was reluctant to take a report even though the box lock was clearly broken, the door of the mailbox panel was wide open, none of the boxes had mail in them, the screwdriver used to force the panel open was lying below it, and there was a BIG pile of envelopes with bank return addresses all empty on the ground (all from another complex - appears the thieves were touring the larger complexes in the area & dumping what they didn't need at each stop).

    The officer claimed he could not take a report because I could not tell him exactly what items of my mail had been stolen AND he had dealt with important things like a suicide case that night. When I suggested perhaps his supervisor would come out & help us, he became inspired & took down the information & collected the evidence.

    It turned out to be very important that the report was filed because my three month supply of Ditropan was taken. I'm sure it wound up in a dumpster somewhere (although it did make me smile at the thought of what would have happened if the jerk without OAB or IC took it). The police report was what enabled me to have the pharmacy replace the medicine. It was still a hassle with the mail order pharmacy & they were very clear with me that they were noting my file that this had happened. And this was over a very minor medication! I do think it would have been a bigger problem if it had been my Darvocet that had been stolen.

    The mailbox was broken into 3 more times that summer, in spite of the complex putting up a security camera & more secure lockbox. I now have a PO Box & do not receive US mail at my home. Not worth the hassle.

    (My fellow tenant ended up with an identity theft problem out of the break-in. My problem was NOTHING compared to that. I highly recommend PO Boxes!)

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