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    Help!! Macrodantin?

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    I just returned from an urgent care clinic where I was diagnosed with only my third UTI ever in my whole life. The first two were treated with Septra, and I then developed a violent allergy to it. So they gave me Macrodantin. I have never heard of this, and after googling it, I'm quite frankly scared!

    So those of you who normally have UTI's (my last one was twenty years ago!), is this a good drug? How long before I begin to feel better? Is it normal to have a fever and backache with this, and if so, will the medicine take care of that also? Sorry to have so many questions; while I am quite used to IC, I just simply do not get UTI's , so I have never educated myself on them. Also, how long before the blood stops?

    The nurse practicioner at the clinic was just very vauge with me, and I can't speak with my uro until Monday. So please, someone help me till then!

    Thank you all so much.

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    I take this every night. I was given it because of infections with sex and after giving myself instills. It has made a great deal of difference in my bladder pain and has prevented me from getting another infection since I started taking it.

    It can make you drowsy at first and I take mine at night. I only take one 100mg capsule per day. I have no other side effects from it.

    When I took it for a UTI I felt a difference in a day or two. It can change the color of your urine and your bowel movements so don't be worried if the color looks odd to you.

    As for the back pain, etc, it sounds like the infection may be invading your kidneys and the last infection I had was the same as you are describing. The macrobid did the trick and I was fine after a few days.

    I hope you feel better soon!
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    My doctor also gave me a prescription for Macrodantin but at 50mg per capsule. I had it filled as the generic Nitrofurantoin Macro 50mg. I am supposed to take it before or after sex. I also take it when I have, shall we say, a less than "neat" bowel movement. I do fine with it, no problems. It has also kept me from having a UTI since getting the prescription.

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    I also take a daily dose of macrodantin. I was doing the home instills and kept getting repeated uti's even though I was as hygenic as possible. The macrodantin has prevented me from getting a uti ever since I've started it and now I can keep doing the home instills. I dont notice any side effects from it.

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    Thank you all so much! That's the great thing about this board - someone's always around and willing to help even outside of office hours!

    I have taken three doses of this so far, and while I'm not seeing a lot of improvement yet, the only side effect I've noted so far is just an upset stomach. Very predictable side effect for an antibiotic.

    I hope it starts relieving the pain soon, though. Lying on the couch with the heating pad is getting very old.

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