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    Alka Seltzer Gold a big help!

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    Hello - My first time writing. Just wanted to say how glad I am for this website and forum and to say that I followed the advice of another poster and tried Alka Seltzer Gold last night. I'd had a bad day with a recent flare and was feeling quite anxious and in pain. I'll always carry it with me now. Of course, this is in addition to following the IC diet more strictly than I had been. By the way, stay away from those South Beach Snack Boxes. They taste great but I had no idea how much citric acid they contained until they pushed me beyond my tolerance zone and set off a flare. Thank you all so much for the wonderful advice found here.


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    What is Alka Seltzer Gold for? What does it do? glad it helps you...

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    Alka Seltzer Gold

    Alka Seltzer Gold is an antacid. It doesn't have aspirin or flavorings like the other versions. Don't be put off by the 1000mg of citric acid shown in the ingredients because the 2 types of bicarbonates cancel the acid effects. The citric acid is only there to dissolve the pills. Don't know if it helps every time but it did help me last night. Good luck!

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    Alka Seltzer was in my "bag of tricks" back when I used to have flares. And like you posted. The citruc acid didn't bother me either. And normally it does.

    I am glad you found it to be helpful!


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    Alka Seltzer Gold

    Would this interfere with other items like Nexium?
    Where did you by it?

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    If you have high blood pressure, even if it's controlled by medications, AlkaSeltzer is a big no no.

    Have you checked the ICN Shop? for US & Canada for all others

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    Alka Seltzer Gold & Bladder Retraining

    I found it at the drugstore. I was shocked when I realized how much sodium is in it so only took one the next time I used it. I was wondering if anyone who has tried both Alka Seltzer and plain baking soda found one worked better than the other.

    I also found the pain dramatically lessened when I stopped going to the bathroom everytime I felt like I needed to and instead waited longer between trips. The first time I did that and every time thereafter there was no additional pain after urinating like there had been for days before. Had no idea something as simple as that could make such a difference.


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