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    Question IC & rectal prolapse?

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    Ok I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I was diagnosed with IC over 10 yrs ago, basically thru trial & error we found that bi-monthly DMSO shots combined with elmiron and i'm not doing too badly (touch wood). About 2 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy ( was left with one ovary) and now it seems that I have another problem, rectal prolapse (or basically my butt is falling out). I am scheduled to go for a bunch of tests and then in june or july I will end up going in for surgery # 10 where I will be opened up, possibly have my colon stretched out, possibly re-sectioned and re-attached to my huh?
    Basically I was wondering if anyone else has had to go thru the rectal prolapse and if they had any tips. sugestions?
    oh and I probably should mention that I'm only 40, the dr's keep commenting on teh fact that I seem too young to have all these problems
    thanks for letting me rant


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    I had a rectocele repaired in about 1996. My doctor told me they are usually caused by straining to have a bowel movement. The surgery wasn't bad; I was in the hospital one night and couldn't lift anything for several months.

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    It is very common to have a rectocele after a hysterectomy is done. Once the uterus is gone then "things other organs fall down" So the rectum prolapses into vaginal cavity. It is something you will want to get fixed. Some patients will have lots of problems with constipation or moving bowels become difficult. It is an overnight surgery you can go home the next day if you can urinate. Sometimes a patient can't urinate from the swelling of the surgery and may have to go home with a catheter for 24-48 hours not the norm but it does happen. I have never recovered a rectocele that went home that same day . You will have a catheter overnight. Pain medicine is ordered.
    My mother had this surgery done after a hysterectomy then the rectocele for her became bigger as it dropped without the uterus being in anymore.
    take care Vicky

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    Red face prolapse

    thanks for the info, my main concern is that the prolapse isn't vaginal it's totally rectal. with each bm more of my rectum protrudes more and more. and since i'm looking at a surgery date of sometime in june/july I figure I will be dragging my backside on the carpet like a dog (ok sorry for the gross analogy) I'm coming to the conclusion that if I don't laugh about this I'll cry

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