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    KUB & Kidney Ultrasound

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    I wanted to update my recent thread... regarding what tests, and when, and why?
    I didn't see anything on this site regarding KUB x-rays, and only a little about ultrasounds...

    WOW! Let me say that although they didn't find anything to speak of, these tests sure did put my mind at ease regarding the function of my urinary tract.
    I had to do no preparation, and they were completely non-invasive.

    For the KUB, they just have you lie down on the x-ray table and they take about two pictures of your belly. From the KUB they can see the placement of your kidneys, ureters, and bladder, as well as your gall bladder (which you can have deferred pain that feels like kidney pain if you have gall bladder issues).

    For the ultrasound, they have you lay on an exam bed and they just hold their ultrasound wand against whatever area they want to look at (with some nice warm lubricant to keep it smoothly moving across your skin). For the ultrasound they ask that you don't eat 8 hours before, but you can drink clear fluids as much as you want... for mine, they said not to even worry about not eating because they would be able to see what they were looking for if it was there either way.

    During the ultrasound they can see if there are stones, or cysts, or abnormal blockages (blood flow issues). The only thing that they saw on mine that even looked remotely suspicious was the fact that when the urine flowed into the bladder it was just a tiny trickle--where most people's urine 'shoots' into the bladder. Basically, it was the difference between seeing a bright red spot come shooting across the screen (normal) or seeing it sort of have a tiny little red spot quickly dissipate (trickle). Think big firework or dud. hehehe
    Mine was a dud. But it probably means nothing; however, it will give the doctor one more thing to look at when he does the cystoscopy under anesthesia.

    For the beginning of the ultrasound the technician had me keep my bladder full, and then 3/4 the way through she had me urinate and then she finished the scan. This also would show if there was retention... which--amazingly enough--mine looked pretty empty today. Perhaps the Flowmax is working?
    Or the antibiotics? Hard to tell.

    Next test: Cystoscopy under anesthesia with bladder biopsy

    Let me encourage you, if you haven't had either of these tests done, ask your doctor to have it done. If nothing else, you will have the peace of mind that THOSE issues are not your issues. I actually was really excited that they didn't see anything funky in my gall-bladder, as we have a family history of gall bladder problems.

    Here are a few non-invasive tests that can rule out a myriad of urinary problems. I wish I would have asked years ago, because all this time I was sure they were just missing some simple information.

    Here I am, back at square one, but at least I know my pipes work properly!

    Good luck to you!
    If anyone else has had some interesting tests, please share! Information is power, and clearly we are all patients who need more information.

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    When you describe a KUB it sounds very much like an IVP. I had one when I was being diagnosed. The test wasn't bad at all.

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    IVP is different than a KUB

    From what I understand, an IVP requires prep (clean out bowels), and they inject dye into your body, then take x-rays to watch where the dye goes. They can see blockages, or leaks with an IVP, but not with the KUB.

    The KUB is literally just an x-ray, no prep and no injections.

    They can see enlargments, or odd placements, stones, and foreign objects (if the resolution is done right) with a KUB, but if they need to see more, an IVP would be the next route to go.

    I had an IVP 20 years ago, and it was definitely more involved than the KUB--but let me say that it is AMAZING what they can do now with ultrasounds and simple x-ray technology that they could not do 20 years ago.

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    Kidney stones today can also be picked up by CT scans. Patients that go to ER with kidney stones go to CT scan. VN

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    I have had many pelvic ultrasounds over the years (pregnancy, bladder issues, pelvic pain, etc) and had my first renal ultrasound done last year. It showed calcification in my left kidney which lead to me having a CT to get a better look. That showed that it was a good size stone. I had a KUB right before my lithotripsy and another one month after the procedure to make sure the fragments were all gone. I had an IVP 2 years ago and it involved bowel cleansing, fasting, multiple x-rays and an IV of dye.
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    Yes the IVP is the one that involves more doing the bowel prep and getting the dye injected> I don't see as many IVP's done as let' say no I wont' say how many years ago as it will date me. CT scan is our updated tech these days and can be done with and without dye.

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    When I first came down with my severe symptoms they sent me for a CT Scan with contrast, and it was normal except for a small fibroid. I then had a regular ultra sound, and internal ultra sound to check the fibroid a little closer, then a regular cystoscopy. Should I have had more tests? I have terrible hesitation retention problems which my uro does know about. She prescribed a flomax type drug for me, but I'm afraid to use it because I already have pretty low blood pressure. It usually runs 100-10/65-70.

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    I have lots of urinary problems and IC, but the kidney stuff is to check the stones, which I have millions of.

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