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    Question Is SOY MILK a no-no?

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    I haven't been here in a while.... I have been sick.....

    Well, I have been flare-free for a while.... Then two days ago it started again.... and boy am I hurting.

    I am peeing all the freaking time......... I can't even sleep at night hardly....

    Anyway--- My doctor has taken me off of cow milk and put me on Soy Milk-- I have been on it about 3 weeks...... Then, I read I shouldn't take B vitamins...... but I have to take a vitamin called Pantethine which is B6 for my liver.

    I am also on a high dose of vitamin D and Soy supplements.

    So, uh--- do you think the "soy" is okay--- it isn't really dairy, I don't guess... and I know dairy is okay...... but I have to have it.... at least for right now--- and the soy supplements.

    What is the likely hood that vitamin B5 would be causing this?

    Would flexeril help? I know you aren't supposed to give medical advice... I am just wondering about your experiences. I take Atarax.... and drink loads of water....... but I just don't know ......

    Any input would be appreciated!

    Thank you~

    dx with fibromyalgia five years ago
    had complete hysterectomy jan. 07
    dx with ibs 8 years ago
    unusual liver symptoms.... sigh
    dx with IC four weeks ago
    bipolar disorder

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    I think soy can flare you. It is listed as such on the IC list of foods that can cause problems.

    I cannot drink milk, so I use fortified rice milk which my grocer carries in unrefrigerated, sealed, quart boxes.

    I also need to take vitamins, but find I can only tolerate dessicated calf's liver to get them. Other vitamins hurt.

    I also need Vitamin D and calcium and am searching for forms of these tolerated by my bladder.

    You need to discuss with your physician the possibility that soy could be flaring you and come up with some alternatives.

    Take care.
    Diagnoses: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (2012),Interstitial Cystitis (2003), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia (2003), GERD (since ?), IBS (since ?), Low Blood Volume (2006), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (2007)

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    Zyrtec 5 mg/PM for MCAS and allergies

    Non-Medicinal Helps:
    glucosamine 500mg/MSM 500mg 2 X/day
    I avoid foods that I react to in my esophagus, bowel and bladder, and I react to many things. It is an imperfect method, but it is all that I do at the moment.

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Phillipians 4:13)

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    Soy in any form bothers the majority of IC patients. I am in fairly good condition these days, but the slightest amount of soy will send me over the edge.

    The B vitamins can be problems too, almost to the same degree. It may be wise to take smaller doses of the Bs a few times a day to keep the dosage at any one time down to a minimum.

    I am sorry you are in bad shape right is very frustrating when you have to make compromises with your diet for multiple health problems

    Gentle Hugs,

    Julie Beyer, MA, RDN
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