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    Urine 5.0-how do I raise ph? Supplements?

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    My urine continues to test aroung 5.0 ph...super acidic! I'm not ingesting any acidic foods, and want to raise the ph to a more normal range. Any ideas of what supplements might help? I've been using Desert Harvest Aloe and small amounts of aloe vera juice. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!

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    Urine needs to be slightly acidic. Alkaline urine almost always means infection.

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    Donna is right but to answer you question...make sure you have enough calcium, magnesium, and potassium in your blood....take extra calcium. If your blood pressure can handle it baking soda and water is alkalizing. Drink milk, eat egg whites, and make sure you drinking plenty of water.
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    thats interesting my urine is almost always alkaline. I think its the evian water I drink.

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    Wait a minute. I am confused. I had learned that acidic bodies are diseased bodies and that we need to become more alkaline. Between 6.5-7.5. They have those PH strips to test urine and 5 is very acidic. Can someone help with this??

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    I thought the same thing. My husband bought me some Ph supplements that came with Ph strips. So they're out there. They are intended to make your urine more alkaline (and do work), but I don't believe in taking a lot of extra pills. I've only taken them a few times and I didn't feel any different on them. I also heard here a lot of people saying the acidity of their urine didn't relate to pain levels.
    I read one book that said IC was all about a person having a toxic acidity to their bodies and that it could be corrected. this was basically a mistaken theory I think. Of course it's bad to eat acidic foods, but if you're diet is good that's probably the most important step.

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    I don't know . A lot of the ok foods on the Ic diet convert to acid in the body, especially grains. I have heard that it is more than just urine ph, but also blood ph also. It takes a long time to get more alkaline so a few pills would do nothing for you.

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    You want to keep your urine in the 7 range. Morning urine is slightly more accidic and the PH can fluctuate during the day.
    You want to make sure you don't throw your PH out of wack either, tooo alkaline is not good either. Keep it at 7 if possible.

    Coudl you try taking 2 Preliefs before bedtime and see what happens?
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    acidic urine

    I bought some test strips and I'm still testing around 5.5-6.0ph. My daily regiment of pills includes: Desert Harvest Aloe Vera 2x day, Prelief 2 pills 2x day, Tagament 1x day, Calcium 2x day plus hydrocodone 3-4 x day for pain. I'm drinking LOTS of distilled water too!
    How does Evian water help? Is it super alkaline so it helps even things out? If so, where do you buy it by the case? I'd really like to continue to get my body back to a normal range. What's funny is that I was testing at 5.0 while also testing positive for a uti!

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    Any medications (not natural ones) will make you very acidic. The hydrocodone is probably contributing. Distilled water is not a good idea. It is void of all minerals we need. Try the Evian, or use filtered water and add oxygen drops to it to help alkalize. Coral calcium is a good alkalizer as well.

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    PH of urine

    My acupuncturist who is also a nutritionist is helping me to get my ph balanced. I also have very acidic urine and she told me to eat more green vegetables and cut out sugar, starches, and processed food. This also means artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, she also says it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to balance out. I have been at it a month and can tell a difference but still my ph has not changed yet. She says to be patient. Hope this helps. Hang in there it takes alot of time.

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