I've started having a lot of trouble with esophageal erosion causing incredible chest pain. At first it was just at night but now it happens in the day too. Two titralac takes care of it in 15 mins. but they burn my bladder til I get them passed but I've been having to "pick my poison" a lot the last week. Maybe reflux, maybe esophageal erosion from long term motrin. Just to quality re' the motrin. I've been on one at bedtime for a long time. While most IC patients can't tolerate motrin, it's the only thing that has ever worked for me and makes it possible for me to get up to 6 hours sleep straight when combined with the other things I do. I've tried numerous times getting off or switching to other things and it's not been livable for me. It's the only thing that works and doesn't hurt passing through. I'm one of the IC sub-group for lack of a better word that can't tolerate any sort of oral meds. passing through except one dose motrin and a tiny dose of neurontin at bedtime. Then my bladder needs 24 hours to recover before putting anything else through. However if I don't get my esophagus healed up, I'm afraid I'll be in some real trouble soon and I can't find anything previously that I could handle passing through but I may have to try again here. Can people please share what drugs in this category they've been able to handle so I can see if I've missed anything, esp. those who can't handle oral meds. I'm wondering if going to IV short term might keep them better away from my bladder.