Dont know if anyone out there can use this or not besides me, but in "Good Housekeeping" Magazine's December issue, there is a pull-out card for a Free 7 day trial of Ambien CR! It is for the 6.25 mg or the 12.5 mg extended release tablets. You take it to your Dr. if you dont already have a script, but would like to try it (think it could help you get back to sleep after getting up and down all night going to the bathroom). Then, if he r/xes it for you, (or if you already have a r/x, then just take it to your Pharmacy and ENJOY!

My Dr. r/xes it for me, but my ins wont pay for the CR, only the generic, which is worthless for me, since my trouble is getting BACK to sleep after my numerous bathroom visits, and then, laying there, still feeling like I HAVE to go, b/c of that insane urgency! It is CRAZY! SO, I have just been buying these out of pocket myself, but they are pretty pricey! (I dont even buy a full month's supply! I think I only bought 10 last month (1/3 of what my DR ordered), just b/c it was so darn high! (Also, I dont take them every day anyway, but they are so nice to have when we need them. I can tell you that I am definately gettin mine filled, and that will allow me a few more hours of sleep, for when I am really really, need it! And best of all, I'm getting it THIS WEEK for FREE! :woohoo:

Restrictions are:

ONly one card per patient.
R/x is required.
Program ends Jan, 31, 2008

Hope this helps someone else! I cant wait to fill mine tomorrow and finally get some blessed sleep!

Hope that someone else can use this too! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all!