I've been diagnosed with IC, IBS, endometrosis, pelvic floor dysfunction and pudendal neuralgia. The Pudendal neuralgia followed pelvic surgery.

Over the past year I was prescribed lyrica, cymbalta and nortriptyline for the nerve pain along with physical therapy for the PFD. I would feel relief for a short time but need the dosages increased every few weeks. Eventually I couldn't stand the side effects and tapered off of all of them. They stopped working.

About that time my doctor suggested two caudal nerve blocks followed by two Ilioniguiral/femoral nerve blocks and finally two pudendal nerve blocks (by a different doc).

Does anyone know how many nerve blocks can be taken in six months? I am worried about the side effects from the steroids. After these 6 nerve blocks since May 07, I am hyper, bruised, much warmer than normal during the day, have night sweats, am round faced, and am a bit on edge. The last nerve block was a week and a half ago.

Has anyone had this experience? What I can expect with regard to the steroid side effects? The medical literature doesn't go into any detail about reversal of symptoms once the steroids wear off.