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    Do you have that tickle feeling?

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    Okay, do any of you have that horrible tickle feeling in the urethra area or where the urethra meets the bladder? Its almost like doing a permanent kegel excercise that you cant relax from. Its hard to describe! It feels like something is stuck or something happened in the urethra tube that connects to the bladder and its tickles and aches its very uncomfortable and the urethra opening burns off and on and so does the bladder. When I did a pap the speculum hurt me at the top and also when the uro checked me I was extremely bruised feeling and hurt on the top wall of the vagina. I also have been having frequency and urgency feelings and at times it almost feels like sexual stimulation but not quite. Its hard to explain but maybe someone is going through this or has and knows what it could be.

    What is it? What would cause that? What would make it go away? I am having a hard time because for the last 5 weeks Ive been peeing a lot and also when Im not peeing Im holding pee from coming out thats what it feels like, almost like my bladder is full again. Did this relax after a while for anyone? What med would possibly work for this?

    Another question is and this is tmi kind of but very important to know. I went to the bathroom and I was constipated when I was trying to go and that tickle urgency feeling went away.. then after I went it was there again. So what would that mean? Would that be pfd? If anyone has any information or opinions about it I would appreciate it!

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    I can't answer your questions, but I did just want to encourage you to hang in there --- diagnosing interstitial cystitis can take a while --- many doctors will want to rule out other more common things first.

    Sending encouraging hugs,
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    Hi dreamy,
    When my IC symptoms started, I had many of the same symptoms that you describe. Sometimes my urethra would feel like it was aching. Sometimes I felt like I could not get my urethra to relax (I like your analogy to a permanent kegel because it did feel like my urethra was in a permanent kegel and I could not get it to relax). One night when I had A LOT of pressure (I almost went to the emergency room) I did feel like my clitoris was being stimulated from the intense pressure (I have read that others have had this feeling as well). My symptoms were the worst during the first few months when I was being treated with many different antibiotics for a presumed UTI. After I stopped the antibiotics and started taking Elavil, I started to feel much better. I still have some burning and frequency but I no longer have the intense aching/tightness/pressure. I am not sure if my improvement is totally due to the Elavil or somewhat due to the passing of time - but I am not ready to experiment by cutting back on the Elavil yet. I hope that you will find something that will make you feel better. Keeping you in my thoughts...Linda
    Sudden onset of UTI like symtoms on Dec 27, 2006.
    Diagnosed with IC on March 12, 2007.
    Current Meds: 50mg Elavil
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    I don't have answers for you, but i'm pretty sure i know what your talking about. I know when i have a bowel movement and have to push it makes that feeling go away. I haven't brought it up to my doctor yet, I thought it was normal. Maybe it is, hmmmm. I guess, we'll be asking our doctors.

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    You're describing my biggest problem. I do Sitz baths twice a day(15 minutes) with as hot water as I can handle. The diet and cold pads help my bladder pain, but not my urethra discomfort. Heat is the only thing that helps it. You can buy a Sitz bath at any drugstore. You might find it helpful, too. Actually, I got complete relief from symptoms for over a week after being stuck in an extremely hot car without an AC for a 12 hour trip. I think it was the heat, but I don't know. Ah, also drinking lots of water makes it slightly better.

    Elavil didn't help me at all. I've been using it for about 40 days.

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    I am almost relieved to have found this thread, because I was starting to think it was all in my mind. I also have that feeling of sexual stimulation at times (particularly right when I am at the end of urinating); it's kinda like that same feeling that makes me feel like I have to go again immediately afterwards, even though I KNOW I just voided my bladder, and there is nothing there! I was in such pain from it this past Friday I almost went to the ER (my hatred of the ER seems to outweigh my need to go there though most of the time). I have been too embarrassed to bring up this particular part to my doctor for fear of sounding like an idiot by saying it almost feels like I'm being stimulated (or even sometimes like an intense orgasm, but no pleasure, just intense pain).

    I know for me the thing that helps (as of right now anyway) is wearing not-so-tight clothing. Jeans seem to be the worst, but that's pretty much all I have, so I'm SOL when it comes to actually leaving the house. I'm on short-term disability at the moment, but not really sure what I'm going to do when I go back to work. Also, not sure if it's the best solution or not, but I've noticed using some sort of sanitary wipe (you know, the wet wipes) then going and laying down (no underwear or pants on) seems to help, at least a little.

    I have to thank you for bringing up this topic, because now I don't feel like it's something I've been imagining this whole time.

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