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    I was wondering if anyone has been perscribed Xanax and how did it work for you? I have had bladder problems forever and a day,and I have arthritis in my lower back. This being said I am sick of taking meds for my back, because I am trying to hold off on real painkillers for as long as possible, plus all of the advil I have taken in the past ten years has given me gastirtis and GERD. The only time I have real problems dealing with pain is before my period, I totally lose it and the only good thing is that when I wake up in the morning I know its going to be a bad day, and usually because of back pain over bladder pain. So, my doctor prescribed me Xanax to take when I feel like I need it. What were your results on it? I tried Zoloft before but I didn't notice much of a change and again its only a few days a month that I truly can't deal so the doctors and I decided not to put my body on more meds and would try this.

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    As far as I know Xanax is prescribed for anxiety and panic attacks, it is not an antidpressant such as Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, etc. Many of us do take anti-anxiety meds but for anxiety related to our conditions, but not necessarily for IC symptoms in particular.
    Another class of antidepressants are the old tri-cyclics...they are often prescribed at low doses for IC pain, frequency, urgency, vulvodynia at much lower doses than they would be prescribed for depression, as high doses have some strong side effects. Elavil 10 mg is what I take.
    I do take Prozac and have found that it does help with my menstrual pain, in addition to anxiety and depression, big lucky side effect, and now it is often prescribed just for this reason. It does not do anything for my IC symptoms, only helps me with depression and anxiety and menstrual pain.
    You might also talk to your dr about a low dose of valium's often as prescribed a muscle relaxor for those of us with pelvic floor issues, or sometimes a specific muscle relaxor can be used.
    Take a look at my list of meds below and what symptoms they help me with. Best wishs. Hope you find some relief soon.
    It took a long time to fine tune my meds, but I am doing pretty good now

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    Be very, very careful with Xanax. I was on it for a couple of months following surgery and became chemically dependent. It took 7 months of detox to get off of it. It was living hell. Klonopin is a much better drug. You will get chemically dependent to Klonopin as well but it is much easier to come off of.

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    I take Xanax, not for pain but, purely the anxiety from the pain. I don't take it during the day for, I am on a higher dose, and it tends to make me sleep during the day. At night when I take it, it helps to relax and go to sleep and helps alot with the anxiety I have at night. It does help with the pain a tiny bit when I am having a lot of bladder spasms (I am also on OxyButin for the spasms/urgency). I have never had a problem with it but, if you are taking it, it is good too have a health care provider monitoring it because, there is a risk of dependency (as are alot of medications-anxiety meds, narcotic pain meds, anti-convulsants, etc. ) All in all the medication it helpful for me. I don't know how much it will help your pain but, it is worth a try. Good luck!
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    i take xanax, have for the past 2 years or so, it just calms my social anxiety, from a scarred childhood, and hard upbringing, to where i have extremely low self esteem, as a result, unfrtunately, but all that is slowly mending, and hopefully will be unecessary soon. it relaxes me, and helps with IBS attacks in public places, and with nerves, but does nothing for pain at all!

    hugs, michele

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