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    Urine smells wierd???

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    Is it normal that after peeing that it has a stong smell?? Im in a flare now so im not sure and i might have a yeast infection

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    A strong smell may happen if you have not drank enough liquids/water, because the urine is concentrated and not diluted. This may trigger an IC flare, because concentrated urine is more irritating to the bladder. I also think a strong smell may indicate a uti. You may want to talk to your dr. Hope you feel better soon! You're in my prayers.

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    Certain foods and medications can make urine smell weird. Asparagus is notorious for making urine stink. Try to increase the amount of water you drink and see if that helps, if not then call your doctor and see if they want you to do a urine cuilture.

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    I agree --- if you aren't drinking enough, the urine is bound to smell strong; and some foods could be the culprit.

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    I have to ask.....
    So what did it smell like? Really strong pee-smell or something else?

    Mine smells like coffee after I have drank a cup
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    If a bacterial UTI goes on urine can start to smell also. After I got diagnosed with IC i kept getting cultured for UTIs and I never had one so I went for awhile and did not get the test. When I got a UTI I could not tell the difference because of my IC. I was going to participate in a trial study and it was then that they told me I also had a UTI which took a long time to get rid of so always get cultured for a UTI on top of the IC.

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    I haven't been diagnosed with IC, but I have noticed that since I have been having the urgency and spasming issues since January, my urine has taken on a very strong sulphury smell, which it didn't used to have. This is not all of the time, but mostly when I haven't gone for a while, like when I get up in the middle of the night or in the mornings.

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    the same thing has happened to me on and off since I was dagnosed with IC. My urine has a very strong odor, I don't know how to describe it. When I wake up it is worse. I don't think this is from lack of hydration as I am drinking water constantly. I never asked my dr about it because I always had more pressing concerns. It is not all the time, but every couple of months it happens again.
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    strong urine

    HI ALL

    this is 1 subject that i wanted to ask you about here....

    Last week my urine smelled STRONG..I never really noticed that before..

    but, as some one else mentioned HAS smelled LIKE COFFEE..
    when i was drinking alot of it..OR not drinking enough water.

    well i called my Uro ( hes away )

    and they said MAYBE some thing i ate...( Ok i will go along with that)..also I THOUGHT Not enough water BUT the day it started the day before i was drinking what i thought was ALOT.

    well i also had,or HAVE this ( off/on).......

    i get a discomfort or like a pressure in the the end of..or right after going..then it goes away.wierd huh? I find it doesnt smell as strong the more i drink or eat

    and just to run this by you all too

    SOME TIMES i feel very sensitive when i have to go..( Lower AB) Like i am vert aware of it..almost a teneder feelign when bladder is full
    other times i hardly notice that i have to go and like 4 hrs later i feel like i do a little and i think I COULD hold it but betternot

    i am type 2 diabetic too if that helps..thanks so much every 1..any input would help..hope every 1 is well..Maddy

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    I had read that if your urine smells like ammonia, it it because you are not drinking enough water. Your body is getting dehyration.

    I don't know if this is true or not. Do anyone else know if this is correct information?

    Also I read, if your urine smells fishing, it is because you do have a yeast infection.

    Hugs, Trishann

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    HI Trish

    I have also heard too that if we dont drink enough it can smell like ammonia..


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    Before I was diagonsed with IC, I always noticed my urine smelled like coffee after my first cup in the a.m. I mentioned it to my friends and they said they never noticed their urnine smelling like coffee. It must be a sign of IC because our bladder linning is weak.

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    HI Mare

    I was told that i dont have enough symptons of IC..BUT my urine has smelled like coffee too...I THINK becuase i wasnt drinking enough water..

    i use to drink 6 cups in the morning...Yea i was flying..and then i was dehydrating my self..peeing all morning long..

    i have read posts here saying that IF You dont drink enough water .this can happen..

    i called my Uro they said MAYBE some thing i ate.( was the reasonmy urine smelled strong the other day) I DOUBT I have an infection..never seems to be that way...

    who knows...

    I do know that recently if i dont drink enough i get a discomfort in the urethra at the end of going or directly afterwards..

    and it feels irratated..

    alomst like I wiped to hard..
    i know gross..dont mean to sound graphic..

    i am not saying that you are wrong..

    maybe it was a sign for you that you had IC..
    but with me..i think it was not enough fluids BUT caffienne

    ok i cant spell..

    i try to drink water BEFORE & DURING my coffee in the morning

    i didnt realize that i was flooding my kidneys and bladder with some thing ACIDIC as well as Caffiene..1st thing in the morning..

    NOW I see its a nono.... Maddy p.s. I am goign to ask my uro what he thinks of this...What it means if u dont drink enough and it smells like what u ate and/or drank

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    I LOVE your saying here on your page above your childrens picture..

    I have 1 on my fridge that says:

    Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today,that you and I together can't handle..


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    My urine occasionally smells strongly to ammonia and I do drink a lot so its not due to hydration.

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