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    Baking soda, Tums--either/or?

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    I am healthy enuf to drink baking soda.

    I am on an elimination diet. I take Prelief before trying the "bad" food. Afterwards I take a Tums. Should I take BOTH the tums and Prelief? Do I take EITHER the tums OR the baking soda?

    By the way, when one does an elimination diet, do you do it raw or do u take a prelief first?

    Can a tums SUBSTITUTE for prelief?



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    Hi Randi,

    I can't answer all your questions. But, I sometimes take prelief and tums together without any problems (the prelief with food, the tums after I've eaten if necessary). The prelief board might help you with this, though. Not sure about taking tums or prelief with baking soda,. But, you might want keep an eye on how much baking soda you take (it is really high in sodium). On the other hand, I know that it really, really helps lots of folks . . .

    Best wishes, littlebear

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    I can't answer your questions about prelief, because it bothers my IC. I rely on tums and baking soda. When I have spaghetti, I take 2 extra strength tums before the meal, and then follow with baking soda after the meal.

    I use baking soda sparingly, I think it would be unhealthy to use baking soda daily, especially in large amounts several times a day.

    Just remember with tums, if you take large amounts daily, you may suffer from constipation. Otherwise, it's a great source of calcium.

    Now this is a little quirk I have with my IC, not all have this problem, but I find if I take too many tums with a problem food, I will end up with very alkaline urine. Now many probably think that's great, but for me, if can cause the same amount of pain as when my urine is to acidic. I have to find a balance between alkaline and acidic to stay comfortable.
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