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    Is elavil ever prescribed with vistaril?

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    I know elavil is an antidepressant used for pain in IC and vistaril is used as an antihistamine for mast cells. Are they ever used together with elmiron or is it just one or the other. I also read somewherethat vistaril is a antidepressant. I guess I could look it up myself.


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    i think they are two different drugs that can both be used simultaneously for different symptoms of IC. however, elavil can make you tired (at least initially), so you'd want to check out if vistaril is also a drowsy-maker, b/c you could be really tired. on the other hand, you could get huge symptom relief (and starting on small doses you could gauge your drowsiness). i'm already on another tricyclic antidepressant similar to elavil and am considering a antihistamine as well. good luck!

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