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    aged or non-aged cheese???

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    Can someone tell me what aged cheese is???There are so many different types of cheese at a store? IC diet says no aged cheese, but I have no idea which one is aged , whic one isn't.

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    Fresh mild cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, cream cheese are non aged. Sharp ones like swiss, cheddar, asiago etc. are aged....hope that helps!
    30 year old Mother, Midwife, Birth Doula, Herbalist, and Massage Therapist with sudden onset of IC approx. 2/16/05 (after a PAP smear and routine gynecological exam). I tried a HUGE list of natural and alternative treatments (including Cystoprotek, Desert Harvest Aloe, Aloe gel, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, L-Argenine, Quercitin/Bromelain, Marshmallow Root...etc) for the first 9 months of having IC, without much relief, until I finally researched and started Elmiron.

    My experience:
    ~Previously took Elmiron 100mg three times a day
    ~Experimented with dosage (1-2 Elmiron a day recapped into a plain gelcap) and did well with occasional mild flares. (7/06-9/09)
    ~Stopped all together at the 1 year mark (9/29/06) for 10 days. Still felt good, with low-level symptoms.
    ~Decided to go back on it (10/16/06) to see if another year on it will bring me into full (zero symptoms) remission. Currently taking 1-2 pills a day, recapped into a plain gelcap.
    ~ 6/08...Tried to go off Elmiron again, had huge flare at the 3 week mark, went back on 100mg once a day for maintenance.
    -I went off Elmiron for 2 months due to pregnancy and had a complete relapse of IC symptoms to pre-diagnosis levels of pain/frequency. I then went back on Elmiron at 10-12 weeks, but was unable to take it further due to severe morning sickness. The 2nd/3rd trimesters were MUCH better IC-wise, and postpartum is the best I have felt in years. I am no longer on Elmiron for now.
    -20 month postpartum remission from 4/17/09 to 12/10/10.
    -Out of remission after a pap smear on 12/10/10. Pap smears are obviously the main IC trigger for me. Currently trying to cope with loss of the remission.

    Also doing:
    ~Sugar-free/gluten free and strict IC diet (With an emphasis on organic, alkaline and whole foods)
    ~Prenatal DHA/Fish oil supplement
    ~Vitamin D supplement
    ~Culturelle probiotic

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    I did a little research on aged cheese I didn't have a clue about what an aged cheese was; I found a definition.

    Generally describes a cheese that has been cured longer than six months. Aged cheeses are characterized as having more pronounced and fuller, sometimes sharper flavors than medium-aged or current-aged cheeses.

    Lists of Aged Cheese:
    Swiss, Chedder, Blue, Boursault, Boursin, Brie,
    Camembert, Colby, Emmethaler, Gruyere, Parmesan, Provolone,
    Romano, Roquefort, Stilton, Gouda,

    Non-aged Cheese:
    Ricotta, mozzarella, cream cheese, cottage cheese

    My husband told me that most aged cheeses are really hard one so if you go shopping, just use this info. I hope this will help.

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    monteray Jack cheese

    Does anyone know if monteray jack is aged? I have been eating it in sandwiches and have not noticed any problems?

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    I think monterey jack is aged just very slightly - as I recall it's only aged about 2 weeks as opposed to much longer for the other aged cheeses. I've read a couple of places that monterey jack is pretty safe for IC.

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    If you have a whole foods store near you or a cheese shop they can help you. I spent almost an hour at Whole Food with them teaching me about cheese...who knew.. also some cheeses use preservatives so becareful with them.

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