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    Feel worse sitting down?

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    Do any of you feel much better when standing up and actually moving around? I found that it is sometimes intolerable to sit at my desk and work, or sit in the car, or whatever. I feel much better when I'm up doing something. I also feel better laying down flat on my back.

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    Yes, sitting down is most painful to me although now that I've been on elmiron about 5 months I find the pain is much less than before. I think a lot of us have pain with sitting.

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    hi, yes sitting down for long periods is painful for me too, but i do find it depends on the chair, i can sit on my lounge chair much longer than when i sit on my computer chair, that really get's uncomfortable, before my bladderproblems i could easely sit on the computer for 6 hours straight,now i have to keep walking around for awhile before i sit down again. martha

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    I have more pain sitting for extended periods of time also. I try to alternate sitting and walking around in the office. No more 6 hours on the computer. Changing activities is the best way around it so far.

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    Sitting is uncomfortable for me, but since I'm not very tall (just under 5'2") I can sit cross-legged on my chair at work. I do this and it tilts my pelvis forward and for some reason that makes sitting for long periods of time easier.
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