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    Thumbs down Low Acid Orange Juice BEWARE!

    Advertisement :
    I have been drinking the so-called Minute Maid Low Acid Orange Juice on occasion just to get some Vitamin C into my diet. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes not. It depends on the amount of ice I use.

    My son was doing a science project for school which used litmus paper (used to detect the acidity of liquids). I checked the "low acid" orange juice and compared it with regular orange juice. IT HAD THE SAME AMOUNT OF ACID!

    I think when Minute Maid uses the "low acid" label, they are referring to taste, not actual acid content. BUYER BEWARE!

    Oh, and I WILL be sending Minute Maid a nasty gram about this too.

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    I can't handle the low acid orange juice either. It seemed to have as much "bite" to it as the regular to me. I drink Juicy Juice apple and grape juice (in the small boxes) because it seems to not be as strong as other apple and grape juices.


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    I haven't even tried the stuff. It seemed pretty chancey to me. I get plenty of vitamin c from vegetables anyway.

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    I do O.K. with Tropicana low acid O.J., but I only drink a few a time. liz

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    Where else can you get vitamin C???? I am pregnant and just yesterday went and bought the low acid OJ- (An aussie brand) but you have me worried now... I have been eating Broccoli which seems to be about the only vegetable with fairly good vitamin C content, but I imajine you would still have to eat a plate of it!!
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    I can drink a small glass of Tropicana --- it actually doesn't have the "bite" of regular orange juice. I used to buy Minute Maid, but I like the other better.

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    Anxious One - Actually brocolli has alot of vitamin C. What I have read is the best application for vitamin C is red bell peppers and they are ic friendly! Bell peppers have not only the same (or more) vit. c, but I have read that they are more readily absorbed by the body than citrus fruit. Many foods have vit c. You might do a search on the net. You would probably find food value charts that could be helpful.

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