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    How can you tell the difference between UTI and IC

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    Hi everyone, as you know I haven't been really diagnosed yet but I was wondering how you tell the difference betwwen UTI and IC. I usually only pee 6 to 8 times a day but last night I got a burning feeling down in vaginal area and I went to the batroom about 5 times before I went to bed. It felt like I was getting a bladder infection(UTI) Just like I use to. I drank about 4 glasses of water went to bed and I feel normal this morning. b I didn't wake up until 5:00 to go to the restroom. I could have went earlier but was to lazy to get up. How can you tell. What does this sound like?

    Caled my doc. of course he's out today but Ifeel goos right now. I also didn't eat anythiong off the diet yesturday.

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    A UTI is when bacteria is present in your urine that indicates an infection. In IC there is no bacteria present. You can still get UTI's with IC but that is the difference.

    It would be best to discuss the with your Dr. If you are working with a urologist and they are not available today, try your Primary if you feel you need help today.

    I am editing this to add that burning sometimes can be an indicator of infection. They do make home test kits you can get at your drugstore to check before you go to the Dr. if you want.
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    Hmmmm, for me, one of my "clues" to an actual UTI is my nighttime freguency goes up, and I haven't done anything that I can see to have caused it. And I have more pain (like someone used my bladder for a basketball), but that comes a bit later -- for me frequency is the first.

    I am going to buy myself some the UTI test strips (this site has them in the ICN Shop, and I know my pharmacy has them) to keep around for just such dilemmas. Then I know when to call the doc for an appt! When I was first diagnosed, I hurt all the time and trying to tell the difference was maddening, lol. Like I told the nurse when I called one time and she asked if I had any pain on urination -- I always have pain with or without infection! I don't think she was too familiar with IC, because she didn't know how to react to that statement. Sometimes too, I have noticed my urine is cloudy -- not just once in awhile, it will stay consistenly cloudy every time I go. Hope this helps a little, I know how frustrating it can be -- especially when doc is out of the office! ARGH! LOL!


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    For us ICers that is a bit of a personal thing. Pretty much any symptom that a person can have with an infection is possible to be normal for an individual with IC.
    For that reason Jolene's explanation of the difference is the only real trueth. The difference between an IC flare and an infection is not easy to tell. For me blood, discharge, burning when I haven't done anything that normally causes burning, a stomach ache, and feeling like I am flaring are signs of an infection. I added my complete list of flare causes to help you out...because when you are only going my symptoms knowing if something is going on that could cause a flare is one way to know if is is more likely IC or an inflection. Either way I think getting tested just in case is the safest way to go. Not treating an infection can be dammaging to your one wants that!

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    It is often very difficult to tell the difference between a UTI and a flare, especially if it is a mild infection. If I have a full-blown bladder infection, I can definitely tell the difference, though. I normally do not have blood in my urine with a flare. Any burning I have during a flare happens right after I finish urinating and can persist for an hour or so, whereas with a UTI, it happens only as I'm urinating and ceases once I'm done. There are other things too, but I know them because I've had so many experiences that after a while, I just kind of know.

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    I've never been able to tell the difference between a flare and UTI. If my symptoms don't begin to decrease with-in the first day of onset, I go in to get tested.


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    It is hard to tell the difference -- for me, I notice more burning than usual on top of the usual pain. Instead of burning just at my bladder neck as I begin urinating, the whole process of urinating burns, and I notice that my whole crotch area burns even when I'm not peeing if I have a UTI. I also notice more pain in the inguinal area, which is the area between the lower belly and the top of the leg when I have a UTI. This is different than my usual flare pain, and when it happens I know it's time to go to the doctor.

    However, we are all so different -- you may have different signs that tell you. If you feel something isn't right, it's always best to see the doctor and have your urine cultured -- the worst that can happen is that it comes back negative. BUT, if it's positive for a UTI, you need to have it treated right away as they can spread to the kidneys, and that can be serious.

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