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Thread: peanut butter?

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    peanut butter?

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    can anyone eat peanut butter? Dr. Moldwin who wrote the book says that peanuts should be ok for us yet the IC network food menus say that peanuts r bad? so confusing because he is supposed to know alot so who can eat peanut butter here??? I find that almond butter or cashew butter is too dry and hard to swallow and I love peanut butter

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    I can eat peanuts, but many ICers find they are a problem. You might try a very small amount to see if it's okay for you.

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    I eat almond butter,but it has so much oil.what am i doing wrong? no stirring it good ? or if thats way it is ,sure makes it runny,also almond butter is bland but i eat it on rice cakes with a wee bit of honey.I do miss my peanut butter!!!!!

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    I eat peanut butter all the time with no problems. I'm thankful for that.

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    I can eat peanut butter, but during my "strict diet" phase I substituted almond butter and found I like it more. My experience with almond butter is that at the top of the jar it's too oily, and at the bottom of the jar it's too dry (I often throw away the last inch or two that are like a dry brick...). Maybe I should spend more time stirring...

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    I love peanut butter but haven't tried it since I have been diagnosed. I will give it
    a try at some point...just a small amount on a peice of toast or something to see if
    I can handle it. I hope so...I would really miss it!!

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    The butter made with sunflower seeds is good too. Go to and see. Another poster published the website not too long ago and I ordered some and like it. I can't eat too much peanut butter.


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