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Thread: Thin Bladder?

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    Thin Bladder?

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    I had a cysto/hydro three weeks ago and saw my doc today. He said my bladder wall is very thin and this means that the IC is progressing, ie getting worse. Has anyone else been told that their bladder wall is thin? What does the future hold for a thin bladder women? I thought IC was not a progressive disease, that it just comes and goes at the same intensity. I'm confused.
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    Yes i been told my bladder wall are very thin.
    In most cases I.C doesn't progressive if it is it normally does so in the first year. I believe that is what i was told.

    My bladder is thin for two diff. reason one. I have hunners two is where i had so much pin point bleeding spots but since i do my treatments (Heparin a stronger form of elimron) it has coated my bladder wall healing most of those places up but leaving my bladder walls very thin.

    I'm only telling you from my point of view. you can check the pat. handbook for more information on the subject i find the handbook very useful.
    sending you hugs and prayers
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    6. Klonopin 1 or 2 daily as needed.
    7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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    I suspect I may also have that problem....during my Hydro. Sept. 03' my bladder tore. Unfortanetly, my Uro. didn't take any pics.....Does anyone know what that means when your bladder tears during Hydro??

    Dana W.

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    hello, my uro never really tells me much or he does and I'm out of it. But I Believe I have a very thin bladder. I have had 3 Silver Nitrate Treatments, I'm afraid this may have either made my bladder worse or thin.

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    According to some research I've been up to lately the bladders protective lining does thin with IC. I'm not sure if this happens to all IC patients but the more severe cases do, such as people who get glomerulations (tears and pinpoint bleeding) and Hunners Ulcers
    There's more information on what I'm talking about here, with pics included

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