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    Would I see a urologist for hemorrhoids?

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    Hi all. I dont know if I have IC or not, but I do have frequent urination. My other big problem is hemorrhoids, which cause me to become constipated which makes me have to urinate more. Anyway, I have an appt set up with a urologist in a few days and im just wondering if urologists normally treat hemorrhoids or would I have to see my regular doctor for that? if anyone has any info on this i would appreciate it. thanks

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    Don't quote me on this, but I doubt it. I think you would see a surgeon, but probably the specialist I would see is a Gastroenterologist, as they would biopsy them, etc...I am not sure, but I just don't think UROs deal in this....if I am wrong let me know. Good luck, it's a miserable cycle you are in and that is nasty might be advised to try stool softeners in the meantime, but do get advice on these...also keep your water intake up there, it will help with constipation....lots of things impact that, but diet and fluids are as important as some of the meds that cause them. Good luck, hope you find relief soon.
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    You would either need to see a general surgeon or a colorectal surgeon. Uros won't go anywhere near the other end.

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    My suggestion would be to see your primary care physician. He/she can refer you to a surgeon to do the repair.

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    SOrry about the problem on top of the IC. First, get some fiber/ stool softener to get yourself regular and see if that helps. Then see your Primary, they can decide ifyou have something that needs to be removed or they are just angry because you are constipated. Have you used something like Anusol HC to help? Good luck....
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    I had a colononscopy done and it was done by gastroenterologist. I had a small hemmoroid

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    I would go see your Primary care physician first...he/she can point you to the right person, if needed. Hopefully they can get the swelling down rather than removal for external ones. And I agree try fiber, water, water, water and icepaks with PrepH to help...good luck!

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    I generally see my MD for all health related issues she then sends me where I need to go. I would think a G.I. Doctor.
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    Jen....hemorrhoids can be linked back to diet too, so make sure to see a nutritionist too. Eating paleo would probably help.

    You could also try a natural alternative before going to the doc. Here is an anal itching remedy.
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    Your PCP will probably tell you to go get some Colace (generic) at the drug store. It's over the counter. You can take more than 2 at a time (per my doctor). I usually take 3 if I'm really having a problem. It doesn't make you go, it just softens the stool. It works really well. Do that for about a month and you may be all cleared up. It worked for me and my PCP says it always takes about a month to clear up just due to how much wear and tear goes on down there.
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