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    Loss of urge to urinate

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    I'm just curious if anyone else has this symptom. Especially if I am sitting or lying down, sometimes I do not have the urge to urinate until I stand up. Or, I (Of course, other times I have urgency, so I feel it constantly!) But it does happen pretty often. The bad thing about it is, then I can wait too long to go to the bathroom, which results in a lot of pain after I urinate. Or sometimes even when I stand, I won't feel the urge. I'll just notice I have bladder or back pain, so I'll go, "Uh oh, I need to go, and I probably waited too long." It happens at night when I'm sleeping sometimes, too. (Just posted about that under Katrina's poll.) So what I try to do is keep my eye on the clock and keep track of the last time I went so I don't wait too long. It works sometimes. Other times it doesn't, because as many of you know, our symptoms can change often. Or, I get busy and forget to check the clock.


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    Yes! That happens to me too. I think I'm working so hard to ignore the pain that I end up blocking out everything until I stand up. Then I dash into the bathroom.

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    Ah, I'm not alone. I get this feeling all the time. And when I do get up, look out scout because I generally have 0-2 seconds to get to the washrooom. My family laughs at me, they understand and move out of my way.
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    I get that too. Some days cannot hold it for a second and others it is like the urge to go is not there. Just pain. It is hard to know when to go!

    My bladder is all confused. Who can blame it after all....
    ~TRACEY~ Wife and Mother of three beautiful

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    I have the problem of waiting to long too. I've gotten so used of the feeling of having to go all the time, even before I can get offf the toilet from just going. I try to go pretty often to avoid pain, but I get busy or distracted and forget.

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    Thanks! It's good to know I'm not the only one. I think I first noticed this problem right after I had surgery, but several years before I was diagnosed with IC. I wonder about the surgery...Do any of you think surgery caused/triggered/contributed to your IC?

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