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    Coffee substitute

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    I don't know about others, but I'm a coffee drinker and I think Kava is just horrid! I can't stand the taste. But I did recently find a coffee substitute that tastes pretty close to the real thing, although not as strong. It's called Cafix, and I found it in a natural food store. It's made with barley, chicory and a couple other things. With Splenda and creamer, it's not bad.

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    my friend recommended that one to me. i think i may have to try it.
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    I was given the link to this site, you might find useful, they sell the Euromild, acid reduced and decaf real coffee.

    I have been drinking regular Postum in the mornings, and with sugar and half and half it's ok, sometimes I add vanilla too. I will keep my eye out for the Cafix too! Thanks for the tip!


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    I have to agree the Kava is not the best, I started drinking it about a month ago, because I have had a hard time giving up my morning coffee . When I first started drinking it I followed the directions and it tasted like burnt coffee to me, but then I have not been using as much and it seems to taste a little better. Thanks for the info on the Cafix I will have to look for it.

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    There's this stuff called teecino (pronounced tea-chee-no) that tastes pretty good with cream and sugar. It's even for your coffee pot so you get to enjoy that sound of your coffee being made in the morning. It's available at most health food stores (at least in Canda, and I think probably in teh states as well).
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    The Teeccino is really great - comes in several flavors (the java flavor looks and tastes very similar to coffee, I often mix the java and vanilla and add cream - YUM!!!). It's fun to brew, brings back a bit of the "coffee ritual" that I miss so much.

    You might also try Roastaroma tea by Celestial Seasonings, doesn't taste like coffee but is full-bodied and satisfying and totally IC-friendly.

    I also enjoy a tea called Yerba Mate which you can buy online or at health food stores. It's mildly stimulating, has a relatively small amount of caffeine (but it does have a chemical called mateine, which is also mildly energizing in a very nice way). It's drunk a lot in South America. You can buy it in bags, but my favorite way to drink it is to buy the loose tea which is mixed with something called ramon nut to give it a dark flavor and aroma. (Guayaki is the brand I drink.) The tea bags are brewed in a cup just like regular tea, but the loose tea is brewed in a plunger pot or coffee pot like coffee. BE CAREFUL, though, I usually do just fine with my mate, and I love the energizing effects so much, but occasionally my bladder rewards me with a few twinges or two. So I don't think it's totally harmless, but for me it seems to be relatively ok. I would start with a small amount, brew it half strength maybe, until you see if it's going to annoy your bladder.


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    I drink KAVA every morning..I add sugarfree hazelnut syrup and whip cream on top...yummy!!
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    Bamboo was the best I had found. (In the health food store). Can't get it here anymore.

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    We gave out samples of Teecino and Puroast coffees at the fall Boston Metrowest IC Support Group meeting. I wonder if those people are out there and could comment??? I heard from a few that the Teecino is really good, and yes it goes into the coffee pot. I have an article Teecino on my website....... I highlighted it in last week's newsletter Teecino

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    Re: Coffee substitute

    I know this is an old thread, but I bought CAFIX yesterday and I'm very, very pleased with it. It won't completely replace the wonderful taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee, but it's pretty darned good and with half & half and some sugar, I couldn't be more thrilled! I still get my warmth and ritual and don't have the pain. The Cafix is freeze-dried crystals that you just stir into very hot water. Easy. I also purchased the Teeccino, a tea that is supposed to taste like coffee. I bought the Hazelnut flavor. Both products are acid-free and caffeine-free. There are some others out there, like Perro and Kafree ROMA that are pretty much the same.

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