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    steroid injections into the bladder

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    I'm researching this as a possible option for me. I've talked to Harold, thank you! And have EM with haylee86. Is there anyone else on this board that has tried this option? Also if anyone knows of a Dr. doing this in the U.S. besides St. Louis, what city and whom? Hopefully my uro will be calling Harold's uro this week to discuss. She's wonderful about letting me research new options and within reason will let me try most anything but would like to talk to as many people and/or doctors doing this as possible before I decide. Thank you!

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    I have not had this done but have thought about it also. In the lectures I found answer by Moldwin about nerve block injections in the neck of the baldder or urethra. This are steroid and lidocaine. My DR is interested also. Where can I get more information on this?

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    My uro also mentioned about introducing steriods into my bladder. I thought the steriod was a liquid like heparin and other instills. I didn't know about injections.

    Are the injections done internally and at a hospital?


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    Steroids are a common instillation but didn't help me. Steroid injections into the bladder is internal through a cystoscope in the hospital with a spinal or general anesthesia. This is new, old drug but new way of delivering it for IC.

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