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    Lightbulb A tea that is SAFE for IC patients

    Advertisement :
    Some IC websites (mostly European) recommend drink Red Bush tea (Rooibos Tea) and it is listed under their “safe” drinks for IC patients. This tea is native to South Africa and has a lot of medicinal properties, for instance, it is anti-inflammatory. This tea is also not acidic and has absolutely no caffeine in it thus it will be tolerated by most IC patients. This tea also has anti-spasmodic agents in it!!! This is not an ad; I don’t even work for the company or are related to the company in any way. I’m going to add links at the bottom for anyone who wants to research this tea! You will be able to buy this tea at a lot of British Import stores or just find and buy it online. This tea is also an antioxidant which fights aging (who wouldn’t want that!!). By the way, this tea tastes delicious black (actually more a blackish red) or with sugar/milk. The tea is not an “acquired” taste; in fact, all of the people who I have given some too actually come back for more.
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    meds tried but failed:
    elavil (6months)- severe tachycardia
    elmiron (1yr6mo.)- no improvement, nausea, hair loss, stomach ulcers
    a bunch of others

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    I love rooibos tea and it doesn't bother my bladder at all. The one I drink is a vanilla one by Tetley. It comes in a little cannister with giraffes on it, and I think would be available in most supermarkets (here it is, anyway).

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    I tried the Rooibus tea but it was on the same day I tried Kale and Chard and also Xyletol gum which were all something new for me also. Something made me flare! I will experiment further. Anyone else have results from eating those other things?

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    I'm gonna have to try that. Lately I've realized that I hate most of the teas we can have -- including peppermint, chamomile and blueberry. I think I'm picky about tea.
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    oh man. i'd try, but i can't even manage chamomile and mint tea without a horrendous flare. go figure, i can eat some chocolate without harm but not handle a little weak 'helpful' tea. blah. sounds like it'd be good though. i'm jealous. :p
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    tea that is safe for IC patient

    I was just coming over to the boards to ask about a new tea I'd found today .....Red Tea (African Rooibos). You guys already knew about it!! I shoulda realized you would ..... Now I just need to go and make a cup. I found it at "Whole Foods" store not too far from home ...and it is made by "The Republic of Tea" company. I'm a real Irishwoman and dearly miss my tea ....having tried some few brands of decaf and they all flare me as much as real tea! Oh please let me find a decent drink so I can have my cuppa ..... Liz

    PS:Whole foods also had non preserved bacon, with no nitrates or nitrites or other such stuff ....

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    I can drink chamoille and mostly herbal teas. any tea without caffeine.

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