View Full Version : Severe Pain Where Ovaries. Had Hysterectomy

Julie Smith
05-01-2004, 02:25 PM

I was wondering if anyone out there w/ ic who had a hysterectomy or not is having any pain, severe or otherwise where the ovaries were located.

I always have the pain, however when I go out , which is rare my pain becomes terribly severe and I become doubled over and can hardly walk. Walking is hard anyway. I spoke to my gyno when I had my annual 2 mos ago and even asked if there could still be any endometreosis or even scar tissue and she assured me not. That answer just doesn't sit well with me.

I just feel like there is something growing there, more on the right, had my appendectis removed when a kid. Had a test a few mos. ago to see if my ???? had to be removed (oh it's on the right up high and I can't remember the name)

Thanks, really appreciate replies,
Julie:pray: :angel: :confused: :toosh:

05-01-2004, 02:31 PM
Ya know...wierd question because where I had my oompherectomy (removed my left ovary...2 years after my uterus and right ovary were removed) I get alot of pain..in an unusual place for IC....In fact.. feel it now...I think it is scar tissue (for me) I wound up with a scar from hip to hip after my last surgery.

hope to hear from you.

Julie Smith
05-01-2004, 02:39 PM

hi stranger! i wonder who else has., i haven't spoken to my uro or pain dr. about this yet, kinda scared. But , I really want to know what it is, could it be ic or something else? for my own peace of mind i want some test to see if there is something there, what do you think?

2nd nerve block this week. pain dr. gave me lots of info for more pain treatment and some of the dr.s are located in different parts of the country, yuk. this isn't easy, especially by myself. so many decisions to make, i'm sure not rushing into anything. how much longer can i live in pain, mostly severe and staay doped up?

Others have it much worse, i will not pity myself.

j.:toosh: :pray: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

05-01-2004, 03:12 PM

Hopefully those side effects will fade....mine did, especially after I went off Topamax,which I am likely going tohave go back on. They upped my anti depressant so I am sleepier but at least I'm not slurring and my docs aren't looking at me anymore like I'm going to have a legal action taken against me so I don't control my money anymore L.o.L. Seriously..they all discussed my pain and side effects and my slurring and slow reflexes...they were going to talk to my hubby about removing any legal burdens from me (AKA MONEY) but I rallied just in time. I didn't even know about any of this. They just thought I was "no longer competent to make my own decisions"...so, I'm worried that going back on topamax will do it to me....AGAIN. "sigh"

Hmmm...Pain, or going back into lala land. I just don't know. :loco: :dizzy:

I"m also coping with my father in law, who lives with us...he has congestive heart failure (was in the hospital for over a week last month) ...his meds have made him so dizzy he can't even stand up without passing out. I told him to call his doc..he's way over medicated but he is soooo stubborn. I looked up his meds on the internet and he is showing signs of toxicity. I'm tempted to call for him but he will be ******. My husband's feelings are, well he's an adult. But he is a frickin stubborn adult with an "altered state" in his head right now.

Ohh well...the lives we lead...

05-03-2004, 02:50 AM
there is a chance it could be adhesions pulling on something. each surgery raises your risk of adhesions forming.

also endometriosis can return after hysterectomy and oophorectomy. it doesn't happen a lot, but it can come back. especially if some was missed during the surgery. when you start hormone replacement, it could feed any of the endo that may have been left behind.

keep asking for answers. if you get none from your doc, ask another one. there has to be a reason. it could be something related to IC or to your urinary system. or it could adhesions. or it could be endo still. but you shouldn't be living in pain.

(((gentle hugs)))

05-03-2004, 03:49 AM
After my hysterectomy, I developed adhesions and had them surgically removed two years later. In my case the adhesions had grown so smoothly, the doctors couldn't feel them --- I finally found a gyn who suggested an exploratory surgery --- he believed I was in severe pain and there had to be a reason. The first thing I remember when I woke up after the surgery was him standing by my bed telling me that I had a right to hurt --- my entire abdomen was encased in spider-web like adhesions. That was 30 years ago and the adhesions did not return.


05-03-2004, 05:04 AM
yeah..that's what they found in me when they did the last surgery...huge spider webs of adhesions. Took 'em hours to take them out. However, I asked the pain doc after the last time I saw him about the possibility of adhesions, (I also talked to my uro) He and she both said that adhesions, in and of themselves, aren't bad. Anyone who has had surgery, especially abdominal, is going to develop them. It just depends on where the adhesions attach. Most of the time they aren't attaching badly and everything is fine. But very seldom, they will restrict a bowel, bladder, uterus...whatever...which is what happened to me. So I worry about every odd pain, as well. The only way those two said to tell if the adhesions were bad is to do a laproscopic surgery and I said no way....the pain isn't bad yet and that surgery could possibly make things worse......

Best to you all!

Julie Smith
05-03-2004, 05:29 PM
thank you all for the answers I was looking for, remember when i said i just feel like i need to trust my gut on this, kinda like what we teach our kids???

I have second nerve block this week and see uro next week, then third block following week.

Thanks so much for your answers and help, i'll sure keep you posted.


:toosh: :kiss: :thumbsup:

05-03-2004, 05:42 PM

It could be adhesions for sure. I was having terrible pelvic pain that didn't seem to be IC.

My gyno did an ultrasound and noticed that my organs were not "free floating" as he called it. Then he did exploratory surgery because he didn't know if it was cancer or not. Thankfully, it was scar tissue that had adhered my organs together.

Perhaps you should get another opinion. Scar tissue can be so very painful. Unfortunately any surgery can cause more scar tissue.:(


Julie Smith
05-03-2004, 05:44 PM
thanks cee cee, really appreciate you taking the time to write,
Julie:kiss: :thumbsup: :love:

05-03-2004, 11:26 PM
I am having terrible low pelvic pain, which I post all the time. Now it has started spasms in my lower back. If I don't take the valium I can not stand the pain. and it seems to only be taking the edge off.
I was checked out by my gyno, he said he felt nothing so thinks it is all IC related. (my hysterectomy was 2 years ago)
But :confused: the ur said my bladder was doing good. IC is much better.
Is exploritory surgery the only way to find out about scar tissue?
I read the post about ultra sound. Could it be found with laproscopic? I go have a consultative meeting with physical therapist tomorrow. Maybe I will get more answers.

05-04-2004, 06:03 AM
From what I understand, your bladder can heal but the nerves remain ****** off, so to speak. This creates that cycle that continues the pain in your pelvic floor muscles. Your nerves don't realize you are healed, so it sends pain signals to your brain....then, you tighten up..continuing the viscious circle...If you haven't had pelvic floor PT, you really need to. Or at least ask your doc about it.

:kiss: :thumbsup: I hope you feel better..


Julie Smith
05-04-2004, 11:09 AM

sorry you're having so much pain. that happenned to me in the beginning and even sometimes now. for this amount of pain the valium is'nt enough, pain meds are necessary. I also had the horrible pain in the back. In all cases I was unable to sit , only stand, but only way comfy is laying down.

you know, i posted when i saw my gyno she said all the symtoms i said to her sounded like ic. i've had enough, going to talk to my uro and get recommendation so i can have this test. pain i s not fun and i want OUT. So i'm so glad you told me about ultrasound and exploratory surgery which showed scar tissue,

May we all feel better,
Julie:kiss: :pray: :hi:

05-04-2004, 02:36 PM

Just remember that any surgery can cause more adhesions, however if your pain is so bad you obviously need to do something. sometimes they can tell by how your organs move inside, without needing to do the surgery. (if they are moving everything is cool...if not, well, then they want to look around)

Remember what I said about pain and nerves being ****** off too....Since this damn disease has overtaken my life I've read, read, read, and read somemore then questioned my understanding with the pain doc. It could be you have a nerve that "thinks" there is a reason to hurt because you've had a history of inflammation and pain in that area..so it stays that way. Whatever, you need to get it checked out.

I saw my doc on Monday. He put me back on a migraine blocker (a new one called zenagran, i think) He also finally gave me a break through pain med...I took one today. Don't think I like it much but it did take the pain away. (percocet 10/650...DIXIE if you are reading this, is this what you take?) Anyway... I feel all wierd and funny and goofy. Definately can't drive. hard to believe I have such a rxn after almost a year of being on Morphine 24 hours a day. He also gave me the paperwork to get a disabled thingy to hang in my window. I finally gave in to his recommendation because I am starting school in downtown Portland and If I don't have a disabled parking permit, I have to walk for a Looooong way. Once I get to school, I'll be too tired to work. Fortunately, this summer is the only "on campus" work . The rest of the year is all internet.

egads...so tired...g'night.


Julie Smith
05-05-2004, 09:11 AM
thanks for the info tracey, i'm so glad you got this med for your migraine and sure do hope it works.

i got home about 11:30am today from 2nd nerve block, feel better than last, but bleeding from you know where. last time i bleed from where dr. inserted needle. weird.

gotta go lay down,
julie:thumbsup: :kiss:

05-05-2004, 02:21 PM
You should call your doctor. That doesn't sound right...especially since you've had a hysterectomy.Please do, okay. :kiss: That worries me. I'm trying to wake up froma very severe sleep...new meds...nothing like damn medicine tomake your day bright and cheery. Crap.

Oh well...trying to get some financial assistance from my disability company for this summer's foray into back to school. I have a healthy grant for fall winter and spring but summer is only $500....My tuition is 2300....Hmmmm...I'm a weeeeee bit short. So my stress level is high. I have about 6 weeks to come up with the funds. (trying to earn an additional endorsement on my teaching cert to work with visually impaired kids.) Man...I'm still paying off loans from, hmm...6 years ago when I got my masters..can't afford any more payments. I sent an email to my claims rep and I got an email back from her boss saying they'd send me an answer via snail mail, due to privacy worries.

Anyway.....talk to you later : ).


Julie Smith
05-13-2004, 08:54 AM
Hi all,

Well, remember I've been writing about this horrible pain where my ovaries would be if they were there? and didn't know what it was? Yesterday, my uro sat w/ me for over 30 min. going over everything and he said this is the same pain I've been complaining about since the beginning, only sounds like it's getting worse and it's my ic. He was really nice, patient but I didn't hear "well let's do some testing to see if it's this or that." We did decide to do another dmso and he said he has a machine in his office that will take pictures and before dmso he'll be able to look at my bladder and if there's any endo he'll see it. Sounds pretty good, right????

Looking forward to that and will tell pain dr. I've decided not to have any surgery. He had given me tapes to watch and I feel so good to say no.

If the dmso (which will be my 5th) doesn't help then I'll just continue to take pain meds, ic meds and pray.

Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes,

ps...3rd and last nerve block next week
:thumbsup: :toosh: :kiss:

05-13-2004, 01:53 PM
Yeah...the migraine med is working and I'm reserving the percocet for absolute miserable pain. I finally got my stupid surgery date...(may 27th) I'm scared to death. But hopefully it will be oversoon. My Psych has been working with me on the anxiety piece..self hypnosis and going to a cave underwater in my mind. It works pretty well. 'course, when they stick that needle in my back, my cave will likely go bye, bye, bye....owie


05-13-2004, 05:54 PM
I have had pain since hysterectomy. Some even down my leg which is why I think mine is still some endo...mine isn't evere pain though.

I didn't read all of the post just some so I hope you have gone to the doctor by now.


Julie Smith
05-14-2004, 07:36 AM
thanks tracey and katrina. tracey... what type of surgery are u having? hope all are feeling better today, i send my prayers.

dixie, r u feeling better and able to rest?

:love: :thumbsup: :pray:


05-14-2004, 02:16 PM
Hey Julie

I'm having a nuerostim implant. Should be exciting. The temp surgery is scheduled for May 27th. That's the one that makes me nervous, because I am awake during the procedure. The second procedure, the permanant surgery is done under general anastetia....they have toput the implant into your hip.

So...I'm nervous, irritated that it took soooo long. I'm supposed to start school next month (on the 21st) and am frustrated because Idon't know if I'll be adequately recovered. "sigh" The temp procedure only takes a couple days to recover from but the permanent (which is within a week of the temp) takes 3-6 weeks...so, as you can see...I'll be smack in the middle of recovery when I start school. The first two weeks of school will be the hardest for me. It will be fulltime, after that...only 3 mornings per week.

anyway....wish me luck.....


Julie Smith
05-14-2004, 02:37 PM

Of course I wish you good luck, best wishes. No seriously, you're really brave. I truly admire you, then to go on to school. That tells me you're moving on with your life, way to goooooooooooooooooooo.

I will be praying for you and sure do hope the procedure goes as planned. I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit for everything, illness, procedure and school. Please keep us posted.

:toosh: :flower: :hiding:


05-14-2004, 04:45 PM
Thanks Julie, I just read up some more on the implant...the temp can be in for 1-2 weeks. I may have to delay the permanent surgery until after the school session is over in August ( I won't restart school until end of September and that is only internet courses...) ....Unfortunately, the first two weeks of school this summer are full day on campus M-F. I'm going to be exhausted even w/o the surgery. After the 2 weeks, then it is just 3 mornings per week on campus. Ugh. I thought I so done with school. Oh well...the population of kids I'll be working with is going to be fun....visually impaired. I can't wait to start working with kiddos again, although, as a student teacher, it will be hard for me. I've run my own classroom for 10 years so this stuff is going to be hard, especially working with incompetent teachers that I have to comply with their directions. However, I've heard the teachers who work with VI kids are awesome so I think I'll be fine.

Thanks.....I hope all is well with you.....Tracey

05-14-2004, 08:35 PM
Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.
I had a hysterectomy and a very bad case of endometrosis too,The dumb doctor left my right overy in and now I have the endo back again,I had a doc tell me that its not back it can't be,I seen another doctor and started on the Depo (prevera??) shot I noticed now after a few years my symptoms are getting better,all except the worst spot in my belly button which is where they went in for 6 laperoscopies,The size of knot was alittle bigger the a golf ball and very painful it is now the size of a small marble so I know that endometriosis can and will come back.I also have it in other areas like my leg and some organs too.
Please check into a nother gyn if yours dont think it can come back, before it gets to far out of control.I know scar tissue is a big problem too I also have that going on where they took my gallbladders out.
Best of luck to you.I hope it all works out great for you.
:pray: :grouphug:
Take care.Love Zookeeper Kim

Julie Smith
05-15-2004, 02:43 PM

Thanks for your kind words. It sounds like you've been through the ringer, wow. Way back before my hyster. they tried to get me on depo and i said no way bc of side effects. How's it working for you? How do you get endo on your legs and in other places? Why wont they remove other ovary instead of depo? I really feel for you. When did you develop ic? that is actual diagnosis from dr., ? I guess I was lucky bc my gyno said he would remove bothe ovar. bc he continually had to go back in and remove the other anyway.

Isn't it the pits, all the agony we go through? I sure do wish you the best and thanks again for your kind words.

:angel: :thumbsup: :angel:

Julie Smith
05-15-2004, 02:49 PM

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure do hope you're giving yourself enough credit for achieving your goal of returning to school in order to work with the kids you want to, are you? YEAH TRACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is the ic, bladder? Also, what a great decision to postpone the surgery. You're just gettting it all together!
What is it you hope the surgery will do for you?

Best wishes,

:toosh: :love: :thumbsup:

05-18-2004, 06:54 PM
I do hope that taking out the overies relieves you from the pain from the endo.I hope you don't have it as bad as I did & still do to a point.
My doctor said it would be a big surgery like I had with my hystorectomy plus removal of the endo which is almost every where but has sugnificantly reduced in size from the depo shot.
I have been thinking of doing it too,but I have heard of people that still have it come back even after all female organs are removed in patiants with a sever cases like mine,because I do have it in so many places & yes it has attatched to some areas in my upper leg.
Yes you can have endo spread all over it is kind of like cancer in some ways it even resembles it in a lot of ways like the ways it can go through your body this is what I have found from checking into all I could find about the subject.

As for when I got IC the doctor & I think I have had it all my life plus my daughter has had symptoms all of her life.She was just DX with this to at the begining of the year.Thanks to me pushing her to get checked out. I was not dx untill about 4 or so years ago.It has been a long battle but atleast I was dx'd.
I hope I answered your ???'s of why I have not done this yet and why I am doing the depo for know atleast.I know there are risks with the depo shot too. I just found out that my osteoperosis is getting worse I have lost over 1 1/2 inches in 2 years time so I may have to think about the surgery and just continue having the laperoscopies every so often.I really don't look forward to this but I know that is what my doctor is going to say when she reads my dex scan for the ostoeperosis I just had last week,it didn't look good as the person who did it showed me every thing.
Sorry this is so long I just wanted to give you some more info on the endo I hope I didn't come off to hard about the subject.

Please take care & best of luck.Keep us posted on how every thing turns out for you.
Love,Zookeeper Kim

05-19-2004, 07:23 AM

Just read your post and was completely shocked that your Gyno said it couldn't be adhesions! They removed my right ovary and tube, plus numerous cysts from my left one, plus endo and scar tissue from all the surgeries. I can't even remember how many laparoscopies I have had, and a laparotomy when they removed my ovary and tube. I have so many adhesions and scar tissue that my left tube keeps wrapping around and adhering to my uterus. It also causes me a great deal of pain. If I turn a certain way, or stretch, it takes my breath away and can actually bring tears to my eyes. So basically, it sounds as if your Gyno is...misinformed? The problem, as someone stated, is that if they go in to clean things up, it can just end up creating more scar tissues and adhesions in the long run. It is also hard with the IC, because the pain is all in the same area. Hard to differentiate one from the other, you know? Too bad they can't see scar tissue on the ultrasound. The last time I had a laparscopic surgery, the doctor said it "looked like a grenade went off in there," because of all the adhesions and scar tissue.
I am sorry that you are experiencing so much pain from it. I do stretches sometimes. Veeerrryyy slowly and verrryyyy carefully, but I have been told that can help. Take care, and I hope you find some answers soon. Have they done an ultrasound? It could help put your mind at ease. The reality is, we know our bodies better than anyone. And we know when something isn't right. I have been sick as a dog lately, and my primary care doc kept saying the daily vomiting and diarrhea were "within normal limits." I knew something wasn't right, so I talked to my Uro about it. He ordered a renal scan, and it turns out I have a gall stone. So...go with your gut (no pun intended). An ultrasound is an easy test for them to order, and it might help put your mind at ease...take good care of yourself...

05-19-2004, 07:59 AM
Well Julie: It is supposed to reduce my pain by up to 50%. Different from the interstim in that That implant reduces the need to go and a nice side effect MAY be a reduction in pain. This stimulator is designed to reduce pain where it is placed in the spinal column. I'm scheduled for the temp surgery on May 27th and scared poopless. (Which is good considering all these opiate pain meds and their side effects concerning bowel habits...Ha, ha,...just joking) I have to be awake, although sedated and if it goes anything like the block did, they will have to call in troops from within the office to reinforce them (IE: hold various squirming body parts down...I can be quite strong when fight or flight is involved) However, my psych has been working with me on self hypnosis and calming myself...He may even come to the procedure to keep me calm with his Mr. Roger's hypnotic like voice.

Anyway, I hope you are feeling better!!!!!How's Florida? Our weather is going from beautiful to nasty to beautiful again but that's typical for the NW.

take care...Tracey

Julie Smith
05-19-2004, 07:31 PM
Thanks guys! really appreciate.

Today I had my 3rd and last sacral nerve block, also put some into my disc's asl4-5 are slightly herniated. Tell that to me next time my back is killing me!

I don't know if nerve blocks are helping ic, are helping back. It usually takes 2-4 days to start. ITommorrow I return to my uro for my 5th dmso after almost 10 mos. Told him I'D be willing to try again since it did help some before. He's also taking pictures of my bladder to see if endo returned and using same cathether for dmso, pretty cool? I'm ready to be pain free and have my life back, NOW.

I did watch all the tapes about ic surgeries my pain dr. gave me and have decided NOT to have any. My problem is down to lots of pain, no longer fregquency. Was 25-40, down to 15-25, good huh? that's makes me very happy. Spoke to my uro great depth about surgeries this week and he agrees with me.

Idea about testing for endo is right on. It is time to change gyno's. Her reasoning for saying that and not wanting to test to endo or scar tissue is bc my hysterectormy was 12 yrs. ago and she said if above is to happen it usually happens within 2 yrs., NOT 12 YRS. LATER. Anyone know about this comment?

I'm still trying to fill out paperwork for ssdisability, it's baffling. Anyway, trying to get that finished, being doped up it's pretty hard.

I'm trying to say awake bc my 19 yr. old daughter is visiting out of state and called earlier saying lots of blood in her urine and badddd back ache. She is so prone to these. Plus, protein in her urine from exam 4 mos. ago and she was supposed to do 24 urine catch and didn't. Dr. explanined to me it could be nothing, but amout was med. hi. and it could be kidney problems, such as stones or who knows , so futher testing needed. another time at er, she was bleeding and weren[t sure if appendectomy or ruptured ovaries like happened 2x before. She has polycystic ovaries since 15 and doesn't take care of herlself. Like at 15 gyno put on bc pills to regulate period bc she could go 4-6 mos. w/o. Do you think she did? it killls me, but i have to realize she's a big girl away at college and I can't take care of her, plus she won't let me. We have a great relationship, but I will be so happy when she calls tonight at whatever time to tell me what dr. said and did. In the back of my mind I keep thinking ic. Please God no. Some reasons I don't think is bc, she can and does go 24 hr. w/o peeing. I spoke to my gyno and he would see her which would make me soooooo happy but w her away at college she needs to go to uro there. Oh, please say your prayers for my daughter that this is nothing serious.

Thank you for your prayers,
:pray: Julie

Morgan Stone
05-20-2004, 02:29 AM
Ok, I have to share my story on this one... In 2000, I had a TAH BSO which is a total hystrectomy and removal of ovaries and tubes. About 3 months later, I was still hurting, as badly as before the surgery. My gyno had said I had fibroids, plus all the pain and that was why I needed the hyst. I kept returning to his office, telling him something was wrong and he kept saying it wasn't.. there was nothing there to hurt.

6 months after the surgery, I was at the emergency room again and a nice rad. tech was doing an ultrasound. I was so upset, crying over the pain and telling him what the gyno had said. He finally said there was a way for me to get my medical records and I should get a copy of the ultrasound he was doing. He told me he couldn't tell me anything more than this. So, the next week, I came back to the hospital and requested copies of the US. I read there were masses on both sides where the ovaries were and they were pretty big in size. I went to the gyno's office and upon showing him this report and telling him there HAD to be something wrong, he dismissed me as a patient on the spot! This had been my gyno for 7 years so you can imagine my shock!

I requested copies of the surgery notes and pathology notes and they both stated the ovaries were removed but the US showed something was still there that resembled ovaries. I went through 3 more gynos over the next few years, none of them were willing to try and correct this doctor's mistake. I also tried to contact some attorneys and couldn't find one that would take the case due to "conflict" or not enough evidence.

Finally, last year, my new gyno suggested that he try surgery to remove whatever it was that was left. He had done hormone levels and they were normal on me, so it had to be ovaries. In march of this year, he went in and said the surgery was very difficult, that he removed both ovaires, adhesions, scar tissue and cysts on those ovaires! Some of the pain is gone, but, there is still some left where the ovaries were and he says that is scar tissue and not much I can do about that.

I am on the search again for another attorney because the first gyno definetly was wrong. There are many other things surrounding this but too long of a story for here.. Ill just say I have 9 women who wil go to court with me against this same gyno for things he done to them that are considered malpractice.

Im not saying thats what happened to you ... but.. you never know anymore. Most gynos are really good doctors and care about their patients, I was just unfortunate :-( Sorry to make this so long, but I just had to speak up... Good luck to you!

Julie Smith
05-20-2004, 06:00 PM

You've been through so much, especially what you havent't told us. Anyway, yesterday I had my 3rd nerve block and today uro did 5th dmos and a test to look at my bladder to see if endo had come back, icould see tv screen, and luckily it has not. my uro. believes all the pain is caused by ic. As long as I can get pain meds from pain dr. and continue to try to do all I'm supposed to do , which I do. I'll guess I'll just wait the other ideas out a while, more endo and fibroids.

I feel relieved. I wish you the best and will hope you get the excellent medical tretment you're entitled to .
Please keep me posted. Best wishes coming you're way,
:kiss: :pray:

05-21-2004, 03:49 PM
Great news Julie: Morgan, I'm so sorry...I've read your hell before, but it always amazing to me to read it again.

Julie, are you feeling oK? I have my, Ahem, (big word ahead) Sacral Nerve Stimulation Implant Temporary Trial next week. And life has sucked the last two days in terms of high pain levels. I had a car accident taking my oldest to school (a pepsi bottle rolled under my brake and stuck...I couldn't kick it out fast enough and I hit it a very big truck with a tow bar.) went from 40 to 0 in nothing flat. No damage AT ALL to his truck. My Windstar is messed up. As is both Caitlin and I's back, neck's and my pelvic area is stabbing me in pain. I keep taking the percocet, which was only supposed to be used for very seldom breakthrough pain but I HURT IN MY PELVIC FLOOR SOOOOO BAD now. I did call the doc who prescribes all my pain meds just so he knows I'm eating those like candy. (That way, when he sees me next week, he won't freak when I say I need a refill...already.) It hasn't even been a month and I was only taking one or two each week. Now I'm taking 3 each day. I didn't get a nasty phone call back after calling so he must be ok with it, or he would call me. (I always communicate with my docs)

Anyway, daughter got an earful from me for the pepsi bottle, I, in return got an earful for the stupid tea everywhere. crap. what does one do? I think we were both shook up and today we had a mother daughter trip to the chiropractor. She thought it was trip, especially when he was putting her ribs back in and everything popped 4 times and I heard it. But she is very soft now. Next week, they are giving her the neck treatment. She is quite nervous about that, thinks she'll be paralyzed by it.

Bye now...good luck.


Julie Smith
05-22-2004, 12:55 AM

Thank Goodness you and Kaitlin are fine and that you were on the ball to take you both to chiro. That will help you both so much. I hope you didn't get any tickets, or test for meds, etc.

Good luck w/ your procedure, I'll be thinking about you. Prayers and best wishes coming your way.

:love: :pray: :angel: Julie

05-22-2004, 10:36 AM
Thank god no cops around. I was feeling very awake for once and my adrenaline was certainly going after that. But had I had a test done on me, Ugh....shudder,,,,,,.....no...the guy didn't even take my insurance info but I took my car to a body shop yesterday and the damage is around 1200 bucks. Crapola. I only have to pay (only) $500...what kinda fun is that???

Caitllin's back is feeling perfect this morining, she is amazed. Her neck still hurts but she wouldn't let him do her neck....I'm rescheduling her for next week to see if I can get her to relax and do it. (I can feel theknot and the vertabrae feel a little twisty) It is the most difficult thing to do, as a chiro patient, let your neck relax and go with the doctor...and she's heard chiro's can break your back, but she was so impressed by how quickly the pain in her back went away, andhe is extremely gentle. In fact, I said to him..."what the hell? when you do that to me it's like all your wieght coming down on me, her its this little easy wieght you put on her...?" He said something about teens being easier to treat than adults, their bones go in easier. I just gave him a "harumph" (yeah, I even sound old)....

good bye...Take Care....T

Julie Smith
05-22-2004, 10:54 AM

I was thinking Kaitlin was a little girl, but are you saying she's a teeniebopper? Hope you're both feeling better today.

:kiss: Julie

05-22-2004, 11:47 AM
WE are okay..still stiff and sore, my pelvic area has been in a nasty flare for the last 2 days. been taking percocet even though I don't like it. I think I must've tightened up that area very hard before impact. Everytime I pee, it hurts because I can't relax unless I take extra valium and the percocet (to go along with my morphine, valium, atarax...) REallllllly sucks. My muscle pain in back and neck are better because I've been stretching and seeing my chiro.