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08-04-2007, 06:58 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am looking at a list of foods for a low oxalate diet online and I'm wondering what can you eat on it?

Most of the foods I have been eating since going vegetarian seem to be on the high or moderate oxalate list. I'm not sure what is left for me to eat. I ate most these before becoming vegetarian. Foods such as tea(caffeine free usually), nuts, bran, cucumber, brocoli, celery, green beans, green peppers, tofu, berries, cornbread, carrots, green peas, lettuce, tomato(keep this limited due to reflux.)

I also eat fish and cheese, this list doesn't mention cheezes, but I noticed in Ilovenursing's post that some people flair with pizza... is that due to the cheese?

What foods are ok for a low oxalate diet? I'm not sure what is left for me to eat that I like. I've ordered one of the cookbooks. I'm not sure how much of a role diet plays in my symptoms. I have either avoided almost completely and or cut down caffeine and high acid foods for years now.

Thanks for any input. Hugs to all.


08-04-2007, 07:12 AM
I've found another list of foods which is more detailed than the first. Let me know what you eat also if you follow this diet. :-)


08-04-2007, 01:43 PM
For me, I basically follow the IC diet, but have noticed that spinach & blueberries can cause me terrible attacks of vulvar itching/burning. So, I eat those foods in small amounts only as a part of a larger meal & take calcium citrate with them.

Calcium Citrate is a supplement that neutralizes oxalates. I get it from a local health food store, so I could buy a brand with no artificial colorants or preservatives,etc.

08-06-2007, 09:10 PM
Thanks Kadi,

I'm not sure of everything that may be aggravating me yet and I'm not sure if I can tolerate any calcium supplements as they seem to make my reflux worse.

I've got the cookbook now so hopefully this will help.

08-19-2007, 11:01 AM
I'm on the IC diet and the Low Oxalate Diet and IBS diet. I bet you wonder what I eat! Here you go. I included brands because they are IC safe (no funky ingredients) and are low salt / which I stick to cause I'm salt sensitive. I go organic only to avoid pesticides. I'm trying hard to add more foods all the time but yeah - its like - impossible. I never eat out and always make all my own foods. Yes, I can make oatmeal cookie bars or pancakes from these incredients - I don't starve - but other people could not stick to all of this - I have discipline and am out of pain most of the time. I actually have a dietitian and she says this is VERY balanced considering my restrictions. I'm only short on vitamin D and calcium which I supplement.

Typical menu

Breakfast (calcium) Oatmeal or Pancakes (w pear slices - sweetner)
Lunch - Tuna salad, quinoa & green peas - hb egg (oils)
Snack - (calcium) Oatmeal cookie bar or Egg (something portable)
Dinner - Chicken, barley, pumpkin and a big salad (oils)

Grocery List - look - actual food!

Baking soda
Molasses (unsulfured) - Honey - Brown Sugar - Maple syrup (real)
Eggs (Limit yolks) or Egg whites in carton (Just The Whites)
Sunflower oil & Canola oil (Tbls a day)
FRESH Salmon Cod - Halibut
Canned Salmon (Crown Prince - low sodium)
Starkist Chunk light tuna (in water - low sodium)
100% Natural lean chicken breast - Valley Fresh or Crown Prince
Pears (no peel)
Romaine lettuce
Libby's Canned pumpkin
Frozen or Fresh Garden green peas
Organic Barley, Quinoa & Oat flour (add an egg and bkg soda = pancakes!)
Quaker Pearled Barley, Ancient Harvest Quinoa (only the flakes and the flour) because the Quinoa pasta all contain corn flour / bad for us!
Quaker Whole Grain Oats (calcium before)
Broccoli --------------------------------------------------

I have two questions about taking the calcium before the oxalate though.

How much time before eating oxalate?
Say you take 500mg of calcium (the amount suggested) 3x a day before oxalate. Do you absorb ANY of it? And so should I go ahead still and take 1000mg cal/500mag on top of that to meet my daily calcium requirement for each day or ? I do not do milk or cheese which by the way is IC safe and Oxalate safe too - so add that to the list above, but watch out - some cheeses are less IC safe (see list) and beware of alternative milks - nut / soy / rice (all are made from brown rice by the way which is high oxalate)!

Did this help? I hope so. I hope you can help me too...

08-19-2007, 11:03 AM
Oh, I take Citracal Calcium Citrate w D and GNC 1000mg Calcium Citrate.

Calcium Citrate should HELP your acid reflux - not hurt it.

AND DON"T go by the list of oxalate foods above, it is not the most accurate. Get THE LOW OXALATE COOKBOOK TWO from Amazon.com. THIS IS THE LATEST INFORMATION ON OXALATE CONTENT - for example - green peas are very low...not moderate.

08-21-2007, 07:33 PM
Thanks nsmith :-)

I can eat lots of things on your list. I don't eat chicken or eggs or regular milk anymore and can't eat samon, but maybe I can find other things to sub for them.

I have ibs also, and I have never really figured out any diet that helped it much except to a degree no regular milk. I drink rice milk and eat brown rice cereal now... not sure if it's had any effect on my ic symtoms or not.

08-22-2007, 01:16 AM
Surprised you can do anything brown rice as this is very high in oxalate. Your list should be causing you pain - ???

nuts, bran - all very high oxalate
green peppers - high in vitamin c / metabolizes to oxalate in the body
tofu, berries, carrots - all super high oxalate
tomato - ic pain?


09-26-2007, 09:27 PM
Sorry to take so long to reply. I will get that cookbook. I'm still not sure what foods are causing me pain, except for acidic foods. Prelief doesn't help with those, but it may help with others such as beans etc. I have cut out much of what I was eating now, such as rice milk. I'm eating oatmeal and honey for breakfast now.

Thank you :-)

09-28-2007, 12:47 PM
I am confused! Why are you guys talking about low-oxalate diets in relation to IC? I get kidney stone and after a lot of testing my uro who is a kidney stone expert has put me on a low oxalate diet. I have never heard of this for IC. Can someone fill me in. Thanks

09-28-2007, 01:07 PM
Melle, I just wanted to add a quick reply to your question about why people flare with pizza....my guess would be the tomato sauce (tomatoes are usually a HUGE trigger for IC patients). The cheese might contribute a small part, mostly if it contains an aged cheese like parmesean, pecorino or romano blended in with the Mozzerella. :)

09-28-2007, 04:23 PM
Thanks Yvette,

That must be it... they are a killer for my reflux and I've cut them out completely
now... does anyone know if prelief will help with tomatoes and other really acidic foods?


I think that oxalates cause urine to be more acidic or irritating and so they cause pain and inflammation... does anyone know why urine feels irritating... is it the oxalate content? Or can it also be caused by other things? I know urine with more water content is usually a lot less irritating for me... I guess that's why drinking tons of water also helps control some of my pain.