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  1. Librax For Urethral Burning And Pain!!
  2. Some small good news
  3. I thought I had a sleep disorder
  4. Long time waiting to post here!
  5. Flomax- God's gift to IC patients
  6. urgent! advice needed!
  7. Alka Seltzer Gold a big help!
  8. Icn Chat Tonight 3/17
  9. Marshmallow Root
  10. I Think My Flare Is Over!!!!
  11. Prosed DS-YAY
  12. Article from Scott and White Hospital on IC
  13. Just wanted to share some good news
  14. Ladies, it might not be IC!
  15. I am better these days!
  16. Pain Management Under Control - Need Help With Frequency
  17. Anyone Have Success With Natural Medications?
  18. I Think I'm Getting Close To Remission
  19. Pain Free (Finally) from Avoiding Sitting!
  20. Another Glucosamine/MSM success
  21. Finally?
  22. Still improving with Lyrica
  23. Yay!
  24. Has Anyone Had A Remission And Then Have It Come Back?
  25. My Ic Survival Kit
  26. Accupunture
  27. Im dying to know
  28. Elavil cream
  29. Still in remission
  30. Treatment?
  31. Acupuncture help.
  32. Male with IC, what works for me, and what hurts.
  33. I'm starting to go into remission!!!
  34. End of the semester!!
  35. Holding protocol bladder training Lowel Parsons
  36. There is hope!
  37. i found some help with a simple solution
  38. Positive news
  39. Wondering if this has ever happened to anyone
  40. Atarax has stopped my pain
  41. Hello and an update
  42. Cautious Optimism
  43. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
  44. Doing really well!!
  45. how I survived big trip
  46. Dex new thread voting for Dex forum
  47. Another success story
  48. my success story
  49. Dicyclomine
  50. Making progress
  51. Happy Days are here again!!
  52. today's success!!!
  53. improved after hysterectomy
  54. My new life....
  55. My Story!!
  56. My light at the end of the tunnel...
  57. Chronic illness? Just until they find the cure!
  58. Success so far
  59. Amazing Success With Elmiron Instills
  60. Has any one taken Pfizer new IV Drug trial ?
  61. Chat Tonight 9/1
  62. Lower Pain meds
  63. Encouraging Words To All
  64. doing quite well
  65. Prosed DS
  66. Doing great!
  67. Relief after intense workout.....
  68. Feel almost normal again!!
  69. Misdiagnosed: I do NOT have IC!
  70. Med coverage aproved!!!
  71. A little success!
  72. IC & Fibromyalgia relief through exercise
  73. Frequency cured!
  74. Feeling a little better
  75. I'm having a rough time....
  76. Vesicare
  77. Feeling better
  78. My trip went well.
  79. Healing with a Headache in the Pelvis
  80. I've been doing very well recently.
  81. I think I'm cured--but I might not have IC
  82. cystoprotek success
  83. I'm doing a lot better
  84. Continuing Elmiron and Feeling Just About Normal!
  85. Lyrica
  86. Look Into PFD you may not have IC
  87. The Angel and Miracle (A Christian story)
  88. Acupuncture gave me my life back
  89. Sleeping through the night, ON MY TUMMY if I want! Holding kids on my lap, too.
  90. dosage of lyrica
  91. Recurring UTIs and IC Flares
  92. Think I might have figured it all out
  93. I feel great now!
  94. success with birth control
  95. Smiling Again
  96. Am I really better?
  97. Estrace for Urethra Helps Me
  98. I'm in remission!
  99. success maybe but feeling better
  100. lyrica vs. nerontin
  101. good news for lyrica patients with little or no income
  102. Just started Lyrica
  103. Celebrex?
  104. Chat room open tonight 1/5
  105. Electrical Nerve stimulator really worked!!
  106. IC Free-- Food Allergies addressed
  107. Hi everyone...it's been awhile...
  108. I can cancel the plumber
  109. Feeling no pain!!!
  110. getting better?
  111. Enlightening strike
  112. Never Give Up
  113. Loving the Elival!
  114. We'll call it early success
  115. i'm healing!
  116. IC is Mere Static Behind the Music of my Life: Update From Green_The_Fish
  117. Doing Much Better
  118. other causes for bladder spasms, pain, pressure
  119. My Life Then And My life Now!
  120. Edema
  121. NET WORTH What muscle can get physical therapy?
  122. Cured by switching from latex condoms
  123. Day of peace!
  124. Estrace Cream
  125. By Jove, I think I learned how
  126. Formula for IC relief.
  127. update on Botox success
  128. Acupuncture & TKD Success Story
  129. Possible success!
  130. anyone tried savella??? for pain
  131. I'm not in remission, but feeling better
  132. Success that is attainable for all!
  133. Always Fighting Always Winning
  134. I have disability benefits!!!!
  135. Remission
  136. pressure
  137. success with Lyrica
  138. Feeling Much Better
  139. D-Mannose, Acupuncture
  140. Herbal Injections
  141. I'm an IC Success Story - Kinda Long, But Hopefully Worth It
  142. Finally!18yrs. old..college...remission
  143. Probiotics-Having Success-no IC flares
  144. No More Menopause!
  145. Birth Control
  146. Found Some Relief in Simple Things
  147. New Treatment - Interstim
  148. Acidic Bottled Water - A little known cause of a lot of potential problems!
  149. The things that gave me my life back
  150. Please help!
  151. I hope this is a success story of being completed healed
  152. will colonoscopy cause flare?
  153. pain free living
  154. I always wanted to post here...
  155. Does a D&C start IC back up????
  156. Bladder Cauterization Surgery Helped Me
  157. I have been doing so good for 1.7 years now!!!!
  158. Balance of Water Intake
  159. Doing Alright After All
  160. The diet really does make so much difference...
  161. Come chat 9/21
  162. Was "cured" for 6 years
  163. Military and IC
  164. Anyone else experience this?
  165. "No Cure"??
  166. No More IC Pain with Simple Remedy
  167. Male with IC.....I think I figured this out!
  168. Is it too early?
  169. Corn silk
  170. some long term comfort at last
  171. Thank you, I am going to live my life.
  172. Attention everyone!
  173. Feeling better
  174. happy to report, no symptoms for almost a month now!
  175. Just wanted to say thanks!
  176. First semester of school with IC: Completed!
  177. Success with Biofeedback
  178. Dr. Moldwin
  179. Just passing through
  180. Cystoprotek seems to be working
  181. I'm Pain Free for Year Now
  182. feeling much better
  183. Success with Uracyst
  184. Doing better
  185. Doing better, hanging in there!
  186. I feel way better now!
  187. testing for IC
  188. I'm having a pain free day!
  189. Finally - uracyst has helped
  190. First mini road trip: SUCCESS!
  191. Cayenne Pepper
  192. Doing Great!
  193. Just got back from vacation:
  194. Ice cream
  195. Learned to Self-Cath
  196. distilled water in my instillation
  197. New Member thankful for this site
  198. What is Your Definition of REMISSION?
  199. just wanted to make an encouraging post
  200. Paradoxical Relaxation--a new book!
  201. 2 days feeling good!!!!
  202. Maybe more an answer than success...
  203. One-year anniversary
  204. The diet really worked for me!
  205. I want to know about a good day on IC...
  206. 1 yr since diagnosis/elmiron doing much better!
  207. I found my answer
  208. A huge great big thank you!
  209. dramatic response to removing artificial sweeteners
  210. Swimming! Awesome!
  211. Acupuncture is working for my daughter!
  212. A great day!!
  213. Natural remedies are doing wonders for me.
  214. Rescue Isntillations are helping me greatly
  215. Icn chat room tonight 6/21
  216. IC diet
  217. Ummm... I'm done with College, no big deal... just kind of awesome
  218. Future "success story" but need advice
  219. Remission with Medication
  220. I'm better!
  221. One year ago...
  222. symptom free(for now)
  223. Feeling Better
  224. Diflucan
  225. Things that have helped me
  226. Pain and frequency free!
  227. Vitimins
  228. In Remission Since September, 2007
  229. D-Mannose
  230. WOOO NO IC, but PFD
  231. Success With Natural Remedies
  232. Contraceptive pills and bladder problems
  233. Relief found for IC with Hunner's Ulcers-St Louis
  234. Not in remission
  235. I helped my IC, maybe this will work for you too
  236. Feeling great!
  237. Savella may he helping!!!
  238. the cause of my IC and finally will be cured
  239. Kegel Excercises
  240. Amazingly getting better
  241. Finally feeling human again.
  242. Restroom Travel Bag
  243. Remission in sight???Here's Hoping...
  244. Never give up Hope!
  245. Douching?? Weird, I know!
  246. My Story- I Found the Key
  247. Little Blue Pill (Prosed -DS)
  248. Can any one help
  249. Still doing great!
  250. I had to make DRASTIC diet changes, but my symptoms are almost gone.