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  1. This Works!
  2. Found a great sleep aid!
  3. Small Victories
  4. Dr. Roby - Hormone imbalance approach? Anyone tried this?
  5. Uro in Central/North PA, MD
  6. Happy Days
  7. Long time no see....
  8. Having Success with Lyrica!
  9. Where did my bladder go?
  10. A big thank you....
  11. enablex is good stuff!!!
  12. Endep anti depressant any good??
  13. Depressed and losing my mind!
  14. IC, IBS & good gastroenterologist
  15. milk might help with urgency
  16. wheat allergy and other foods to blame!
  17. medicines, what works the best?
  18. Advice Please!
  19. Glucosamine?
  20. 4 months without a flare
  21. Is it too early to say remission?
  22. debate:cystoprotek or bladder-Q?
  23. In remission for 2 years
  24. Prosed
  25. IC Problems are Gone After Two Years of Pain
  26. Corn Allergy
  27. You Are Not Going To Believe This
  28. I taught myself how to self-cath - YAY!
  29. Relief in sight!
  30. Teflon was cause for someone to pee
  31. Got remedyfind to change their IC discription a bit :)
  32. hysterectamy at age 33
  33. Sending out a thank you
  34. spinal cord stimulator
  35. Periods
  36. about Dr. Roby...
  37. Not sure which option to take, now I finally have one!!
  38. Icn Chat Tonight
  39. My Ic Symptoms Cut 90%
  40. Off my meds but I don't recommend this for everyone
  41. Dissability
  42. Can any one relate
  43. 95% bettter
  44. better luck....at work...
  45. News Stories On Ic
  46. Murphy's law?
  47. Re-Grown Bladder Transplant
  48. Re-Grown Bladder SUCCESS!!
  49. I am about to have back surgery and worry about IC Flare up
  50. I have had a success!
  51. Successful Treatment for Chronic Fatigue
  52. Doing much better
  53. Great uro-gynaecologist in London
  54. A Headache in the Pelvis
  55. amazing results with steriods!
  56. Doing Well
  57. Hubby is Home!
  58. Chat Room Open
  59. I could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use to hear some great recovery stories.....
  60. my hysterectomy is over!
  61. I'm doing great
  62. Walking again, No pain, and In Medical School!
  63. Dare I post here?
  64. I wish more people would post their success stories
  65. From the request of more success stories:
  66. Rescue Instils Success anyone?
  67. I know that everyone likes a good success story!
  68. after 22 years....some things that have helped me
  69. Cytotec still working
  70. Had IC but gone after hip surgery
  71. I am a success story
  72. Feeling like my old self!!
  73. Treating Colitis has helped my IC
  74. I graduated!
  75. Nordette 28 (birth control) is a miracle!
  76. Some thoughts that made me go "hmmm..."
  77. Still doing great!
  78. new member
  79. DH Aloe Prevents Interstim Surgery
  80. I just retired!!!
  81. Glory to God...I am IC Free!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. Find a Doctor who treats Pelvic Floor Dysfunction!!!
  83. Some Good News
  84. Success with online classes
  85. FINALLY some relief
  86. Found this info today, HOPE for all!
  87. Pamine, I didn't know it was a urinary anti-spasmodic!
  88. What is working for me
  89. Success with Life
  90. Having progress with new pain meds!
  91. story of hope
  92. Sleeping at Night
  93. information of argentina newspaper about ic
  94. Menopause and IC
  95. second part of information news paper argentina(testimonial)
  96. Things to help the pain
  97. got any ideas about how to go into remmision?
  98. Life success
  99. Bladder instillations and Knee replacement
  100. It Was 368 Days Ago
  101. es-ring
  102. I feel like a whole new person!!
  103. Carafate and Two Great Days
  104. Need help
  105. Big weekend planned
  106. Right place, right person, right time
  107. Success For a Newbie!
  108. There is hope!
  109. I.C. under control. Thank You!
  110. Great news!!
  111. What a difference three months make!!
  112. Seems MassageDoula and I are going off Elmiron together
  113. Things are going well!
  114. I truly can't believe what 6 months can do!
  115. Sitting at work causing major flareups- help!
  116. Good couple of days
  117. Feeling Great!!!
  118. I entered my success story in newly diagnosed by mistake, sorry to all !
  119. More surgery but still a success
  120. My sucess story
  121. Good day today!!!
  122. Further surgery cancelled
  123. See me at "Remission" forum
  124. Success
  125. It's a miracle!
  126. Come join us in the chat room
  127. Amazing results from using catheter w/ drain bag fro 24 hrs!!!
  128. I'm sleeping much better & feeling great!
  129. update(feeling good today)
  130. Come Chat Tonight 12-4
  131. I have beaten IC...for now
  132. New to the world of IC!!!!!!!
  133. This Helped Me
  134. returning to the boards
  135. New Medication that is really helping
  136. Doing Very Well
  137. What helped to make you feel better?
  138. 212 degrees
  139. A great, even "normal", weekend!
  140. Thank You
  141. Just wanted to say feeling GREAT
  142. Food Allergy Testing & IC
  143. Inferential Stimulator success
  144. Hi: Just staggered through 2 days of training
  145. Success (for my spirit, heart and mental state at least!)
  146. I think I am doing better.
  147. Pudendal Nerve Fixed - Revised Version
  148. Pain management and urgency under control but need help with...
  149. Question on medication
  150. I seem to have IC under controle
  151. Finally somewhat under control
  152. LONG-TERM SUFFERERS-Do you get worse?
  153. True Success
  154. will Restalyne injections set off a flare?
  155. Chat Room Open 3/5
  156. Best thing to treat frequency/spasms
  157. Lupron and IC
  158. I beat it!:)
  159. Diet section?
  160. Having Doubts . . . and a question for you
  161. What Has Worked For Me
  162. Do you beleive in this treatment from a doctor?
  163. Relief of IC,does it mean IBS relief too?
  164. My IC Story
  166. Help my mom...IC vs. PFD
  167. Pros & Cons of Bladder Removal
  168. Something that helps
  169. Symptom Free for 3 years
  170. Having success and tips for new IC patients
  171. Healing Things
  172. What Birth Control Works?
  173. Now My Symptoms Are Only At Night
  174. Chat Room Open 6-18
  175. Beware of Witch Hazel!
  176. Urgent PC has changed my life!
  177. Maybe fish has something that helps symtoms
  178. SAMe is Helping!
  179. Honestly, I haven't found success
  180. Help for urgency/frequency/full bladder
  181. "Alli" Diet Pill Seems to Be Helping my IC!
  182. Can finally tell the Interstim revision was worth it
  183. New treatment.. New doctor.. New LIFE...
  184. Success w/out drugs-Only aloe vera & Cystoprotek
  185. Darn this headache!!
  186. Finally relief from aloe vera and maybe elmiron
  187. Elmiron-Just Diagnosed! So much Pain
  188. Alkaline Water
  189. What About Bumper Stickers
  190. Great day:)
  191. Someone who inspired me and made me believe!
  192. I am SO SO HAPPY!!!
  193. Aloe Vera/CystoProtek and Cysta Q?????
  194. Physical Therapy Worked For Me
  195. So far, so good!
  196. Has anyone had success with SAMe?
  197. anyone gotten better with moderately-severe IC?
  198. A daily "natural" regimine that worked for me
  199. idea to share
  200. Happy--a whole good week!
  201. Tums taken with ify food
  202. Small thing, but helpful...
  203. Doing so much better!
  204. Updates from Patients of Dr. T
  205. Glucosimine with MSM, and Quercitin
  206. Seasonal Allergy
  207. urgency but no pain?
  208. Success so far!
  209. Feeling Much, Much Better!!!
  210. Much better
  211. Something Possitive To Report :)
  212. Since LeeLee did! We need to share good things too!
  213. Doing Better
  214. No more overactive bladder meds
  215. Wanted to share what worked for me! Finally in remission :)
  216. yeast infection success
  217. Symptoms 50% better through homeopathy, acupuncture, and PT
  218. feels like my bladder is falling out
  219. something positive
  220. new medication
  221. I love my Uro!
  222. Glucosamine/MSM 500mg/500mg How Long to See Results?
  223. Remission Folks... Do You Still See Your Uro?
  224. Update on Glucosamine/MSM - Two Days Later
  225. Pelvic floor specialist
  226. I experimented!
  227. Glucosamine 500mg/ MSM 500 mg - 2 Week Update
  228. Something my NP said...
  229. The Doctor Who Helped Me!
  230. cellcept...prescribed....was helping...
  231. Two Weeks Completed on My New Regimen
  232. Have to share
  233. Anyone on L.Thomas protocol?
  234. success with meds and botox
  235. Estrogen as an IC Treatment
  236. Merry Christmas! :)
  237. Hooray! I finished my class:)
  238. Diet & Dentist & positive news
  239. Finally Found a multivitamin that doesn't cause a flare
  240. Finally out of pain!
  241. IC diet-please help me!
  242. Easy Bread machine bread reciepe?
  243. Success
  244. supplements
  245. bread machine recipes
  246. Feeling Better
  247. Glucosamine/MSM Brand Makes a Difference for Me
  248. Elmiron...how long?
  249. Come Chat At Icn 2/18
  250. Poll: Did your IC get worse with years?