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  1. Can Naproxen Cause a Flare??
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  13. Positive for Leukocytes...pain and burn!
  14. Having my first real flare :(
  15. Flare from Gabapentin?
  16. excrutiating
  17. YIKES! Bigtime Flare out of nowhere
  18. Need a new urologist! Any help would be great!
  19. Oh no, here we go agian!! A flare up!
  20. Flares caused specifically by PTSD?
  21. This Day Has Almost Been A Comedy of Errors...
  22. Mucinexas a cause for a flare
  23. No pregnancy remission for me.
  24. Dealing with other people when you're in Pain
  25. Iron caused a flare
  26. MOHS surgery or Keflex causing flare?
  27. stress, hormones and flares
  28. Help! In Crisis Mode!
  29. I'm at the point of giving up...
  30. Peppermint oil capsules = flare?
  31. One Year
  32. new and desperate
  33. Sensation/Pain under Navel?
  34. Naprosyn
  35. UTI No. 5 in 2010
  36. Flare/Painful Sexing
  37. bone scan / radioactive?
  38. Big Honking Flare
  39. Soy is one of the major causes of my flares
  40. please help-extreme flare after distension
  41. I'm scared and depressed (some sexually graphic talk)
  42. Flu Shot Caused Flare & Sickness!
  43. GAH! Make it stop!!!
  44. Constant Bladder Pain and Dribbling
  45. Need a little reassurance
  46. I'm miserable!!!!
  47. New and having a flare
  48. Major Urinary Discomfort
  49. HORRIBLE flare :(
  50. flare today is not fair
  51. Flare to long
  52. Need help w/article on spousal support
  53. Flare for no reason won't stop
  54. Another UTI
  55. Omg!!!!
  56. flares related to period?
  57. Horrible flare with no end in sight
  58. IC Flare for about 2 weeks and no meds
  59. Frustrated & Depressed :(
  60. Horrible Flare
  61. Bad cold causing worse bladder symptoms...need help!
  62. Dr. Evans/Wake Forest Baptist MC
  63. No end in sight!
  64. out of remission after pap smear
  65. Cold Meds and IC Flare?
  66. UTI.Bronchitis.EarInfection.Flare
  67. Cold Weather and Stress = Flare Ups
  68. UTI or major flare?
  69. i believe lube caused a flare
  70. Ow. What the hey!
  71. UTI? When the pain is too much
  72. Flare or UTI AAAArrrgh! some help please?
  73. Starting off 2011 with a flare
  74. UTI or IC? Need help!
  75. New doctor = I'm scared!!
  76. Insane pressure
  77. HELP! In a flare and don't know why!
  78. Major flare need to vent
  79. New year and started with a flare!!
  80. Seems like a never ending flare
  81. OUCH....infection
  82. new oxy formula
  83. Worst flare since dx in 2002!
  84. Another Lost weekend
  85. Public Restrooms and Flares...
  86. Can yeast infection cause flare?
  87. Newbie: Worst flare in 11 years!
  88. Know what I miss most???
  89. OUCH! Big-Time Flare/ 5 months pregnant
  90. OMGoodness
  91. My first flare of the new year
  92. Urethral Urgency and Frequency
  93. Was going great... now seems to have taken a step back
  94. flare not helped by instills
  95. Admitted to Hospital
  96. The Flare Continues
  97. Pubic Bone and Muscle Tenderness/Pain???!!!
  98. Major Flare Wont Go Away...Please tell me I'm not crazy
  99. First flare in 4months!!!
  100. Help?!! Pelvic floor muscle flare
  101. Totally freaking out!
  102. OUCH! Major Bladder Wall Flare after Superbowl Party
  103. So much pain, don't even know if it's IC yet.
  104. Stress = flare?
  105. Horrible IC Flare -- It's All I Can Do To Not Cry
  106. Flare continues
  107. My bladder won't let sleep
  108. Want to vent, feeling defeated today.
  109. Advice about the links between flares and yeast infections
  110. Really Bad Flare - I gotta vent
  111. Any New Meds for IC?
  112. doctor prescribed prosed for bladder spasms
  113. I Flare Every Year Around This Time??
  114. On the IC diet when will flare go away?
  115. survey: how long do your flares last on average
  116. I feel so hopeless
  117. Is this a flare or a UTI? Freaking out. Please talk me down!
  118. Flaring Again
  119. Feeling sick and discouraged
  120. Trace leukocytes on Azo Test Strip
  121. Birth Control Pills Switch
  122. Burning making me crazy
  123. In a Flare
  124. In a flare and leaving town....
  125. Seriuosly Freaking Out
  126. I am so miserable!!!!!
  127. How long does a flare take to appear???
  128. My Second Flare and its a doozie
  129. Meds not working may even be making matters worse
  130. Menopause hell
  131. Endometrial Biopsy Pain IC Flare
  132. Help!!! in a flare and regret what I did....
  133. IC Flare and a Trip to a (Clueless) ER
  134. Strange Flare-Does this happen to any1?
  135. How long do your flares last?
  136. Making it through the work day.
  137. Some Days Are Better Than Others - Today Is Not A Better Day
  138. Naproxen 500mg causing flare!
  139. Going to the uro tomorrow
  140. In a flare and overwhelmed
  141. Major flare, ER was clueless. Not sure what to do
  142. Has Anyone Tried Swimming While In A Flare?
  143. Prayers welcomed!! :)
  144. I'm in so much pain!
  145. Tiger balm patch helped
  146. New diet . . . more pain
  147. Flare caused by sulfur in water?
  148. In pain since Tuesday
  149. Another Flare Starting :(
  150. The worst flare I could never have imagined. Help me!
  151. hospital stay
  152. Pain
  153. could a z pac make you flare?
  154. Anything new for flare/symptoms?
  155. Entering a flare
  156. In extreme pain!!
  157. Horrendous pain!!
  158. Amoxycillin... is this what's causing my pain?
  159. Flaring with Elmiron
  160. Can ab work out cause flare/pain???
  161. More Pain
  162. Scared about antibiotics - don't know what to take!
  163. OMG!! the pain is crippling today.
  164. Statin drugs?
  165. Ugh Flare
  166. Advice Please - Muscle Flare or Irritation Flare
  167. Opiates help with my frequency when flaring?
  168. Do you think?
  169. Not a good day!
  170. R.I.P. Annie
  171. IC Worsening and Severe Mini-Flares
  172. Just Need To Vent Some Frustration!
  173. I think I'm in a flare
  174. 6 months of Flare? (really long post)
  175. Recipe for a Flare
  176. Pain and depression
  177. My recent trip to the ER
  178. Suggestions Needed - In A Flare
  179. Hurting....
  180. Still flaring and very very sad.
  181. what do you think flare or infection
  182. Help! Is this really IC--8 month flare!
  183. Treated UTI and Symptoms not Improving-Flare?
  184. Flare and not eating
  185. Frustrating and PAINFUL flare
  186. Never endng flare
  187. So here's the deal... any suggestions
  188. Is going to ER a bad idea?
  189. UTI has put me into a flare
  190. 4th JulY
  191. First Hopeful Doc
  192. Infection? Anyone else dealing with this now.
  193. Please help. Is this an IC flare or infection?
  194. Perineum pain
  195. What is causing my flare?!!
  196. So much pain I want to scream!
  197. Been awhile
  198. WBC and blood in urine = UTI?
  199. Just Terrible
  200. Can Kegel exercises cause a flare?
  201. Remission ending? Or a flare? Please help. :(
  202. Sandpaper bladder
  203. urethra pain & blood
  204. Some People Do Not Listen!
  205. Newly diagnosed - stone attack or flare?
  206. Advice about WORK!!
  207. Just need to vent because of flare...
  208. Never experienced this type of flare! Feedback?
  209. incontinence wear for a peace of mind during flare ups?
  210. Indwelling catheter for coping with IC??
  211. Just had Interstim removed
  212. ARRRRGH! Worst Flare This Year
  213. Muscle cramping? Gas?
  214. Could this be a flare? Had been in remission for years.
  215. Could this be an IC flare?
  216. Scared to try Metrogel
  217. Multivitamin Madness
  218. Is it a flare?
  219. Food flare duration?
  220. I am in a terrible flare that won't go away
  221. Does The Cold or Dehydration Cause A Flare for You?
  222. blood in urine
  223. First day back at Uni and I had to leave
  224. Can't sleep...ugh!
  225. My first terrible flare in years -- what to do?
  226. feeling horrilbe
  227. Is this what a flare is?
  228. So Careful, Yet So Stupid
  229. Flare or Kidney stones???
  230. Ended up in ER last night...
  231. the last hr
  232. Food-related Flare?
  233. Pain
  234. Flare and Despair: Tracking my day
  235. Scared: colonoscopy and flares
  236. flare from sinus infection?
  237. Any suggestions?? I am starting a flare and can not have a hydro/cysto right now
  238. flare and have to go to work tomorrow
  239. How long do flares usually last?
  240. Help and I've Missed You All!!
  241. I really don't know how much more I can take
  242. I just want to cry..
  243. I Know I Brought This On Myself...But Somehow That Still Doesn't Help!
  244. GOOD NEWS! I have a UTI! :)
  245. Urology appointment tomorrow...
  246. No help at all!!!
  247. Flare from Physical Therapy?
  248. I need help...ready to say I am done..
  249. Visible blood in urine
  250. spasms/throbbing