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  1. Help!doc Wont Give Pain Meds
  2. Withdrawel?
  3. Am seeing the new pain clinic tomorrow....
  4. They won't give me the pain medication!
  5. Questions for new Uro
  6. How do you distract yourself?
  7. Why? WHY? Pain Medication Confusion....
  8. pain mgt
  9. lidocain patch?
  10. ICN Chat Tonight 2/19
  11. Fioricet & Norco?
  12. Pain clinic
  13. How To Handle Pain While At Work
  14. B&O suppositories-need feedback for Dr
  15. Ureathral pain?
  16. Severe Flare from Ibuprophen - help!
  17. Flaring due to antibiotic-alevox
  18. tramadol..bad for me
  19. In tears. I'm BURNING. Advice needed!!!!!
  20. tramadol...safe?
  21. Need info drugs used ie. Neurotin
  22. can darvacet cause bleeding?
  23. Burning and throbbing in not so good place...
  24. Flare ups with period....
  25. Have you been to a pain clinic?
  26. Shearing pain down my spine
  27. Started Kadian..........Question?
  28. what is your favorite bladder pain pill?
  29. Oh the pain is so bad!!
  30. Article about IC on front page of Hawaii Tribune
  31. ICN Chat Tonight 3/5
  32. Length of taking Urised?
  33. Pain Management Clinic
  34. Online pain journal
  35. Do you feel like a "victim" of the IC and the pain?
  36. do you get extra strong sudden pain?
  37. Period Pain
  38. Worried about my pain mgmt when I move!!
  39. Darvocet
  40. What is wrong with me????
  41. Ibuprofen
  42. How to approach PM Dr about a change in medication?
  43. Such Severe Back Pain
  44. Long term use of pain meds? (really anxious)
  45. Local Paper Asking Are We Relying Too Much On Pain Meds??
  46. Very anxious about pain management appt tomorrow!
  47. Just got back from pain management appt!
  48. Pain med withdrawals??? Please HELP
  49. Question: Does Non-IC gyn surgery cause IC flares or increased symptoms.
  50. Gender-Bias in treatment of pain
  51. OK, here I go, Pain Mngmt Clinic
  52. This might be useful in obtaining pain management
  53. 5% Lidocaine Gel
  54. Has anyone tried Vagasil or Zincofax?
  55. here i am again
  57. ? Charley horse
  58. Article Regarding Pain Issues at Business Week.com
  59. Rx Wrong date
  60. Opana
  61. Devastated!!!!
  62. What is reasonable?
  63. Alternative to Vicodin and Xanax?
  64. Question about xanax and IC
  65. Just another ex. of women and pain med
  66. Some nurses
  67. Pain Specilist - what to expect
  68. bladder flare from Lyrica?
  69. Not for Awhile!
  70. Body getting used to pain killers?
  71. Morphine withdrawals! PLEASE HELP!!
  72. Is Methadone considered a "narcotic"?
  73. Survey results of IC patients on Urology Today website
  74. Getting worse and scared!
  75. New Symptom?
  76. GRRR!!"Glad your feeling better" & "You LOOK good" comments
  77. which med??
  78. Update #2
  79. Methadone??
  80. Pain Management appt this morning!
  81. Titrating baseline med up to eliminate breakthrough meds! Morphine/Fentanyl/Methadone
  82. Pain all the time.....does it stop
  83. Nausea From Increasing Pain
  84. Bladder capacity question??
  85. Pain Clinics - does insurance cover the cost?
  86. Help with pain
  87. Finally some pain relief
  88. ears plugged with vicodin?
  89. Dr. took me off methadone and put me on mrophine only???
  90. menstruating and ic
  91. Pain clinic wants to get rid of narcotics?
  92. Tramadol/Ultram night sweats?
  93. Much more positive pain appt follow up
  94. GP doesn't know IC - questions if I"m a drug addict
  95. I have no idea what to do..HELP
  96. Pain Question
  97. Pain pill crisis
  98. Zanaflex
  99. Pain Meds for Bladder, Migranes and joint pain..??
  100. The darvacet helps again
  101. MS Contin
  102. Wow, valium is working....
  103. Fentanyl Patches.....??????
  104. Anyone else taken tylenol 3 for pain?
  105. Ora Morph?
  106. Come Chat Tonight 5/7
  107. Vicodin, making me moody? ms contin, sleepy
  108. How long on treatments before improvement?
  109. First Appt with Pain Doc
  110. Could you please tell me what combination of meds have helped you..
  111. ARGH! Any suggestions?
  112. Pain Meds...
  113. My pain mngment doc did an adjustment to my back...
  114. Effexor XR for pain management? Bad experience!
  115. vicoden
  116. Lush!
  117. dilaudid-hydromorphone hcl
  118. Ultram side-effects???
  119. Need stronger effective pain meds!
  120. Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. Xanaflex???
  122. ICN Chat Tonight 5/21
  123. how much pain medicine is appropriate?
  124. Woo Hoo! She agreed!
  125. Gave in and asked for pain meds.
  126. Having trouble voiding...again
  127. Oxycontin & Menstruation
  128. Pain meds
  129. Opana (oxymorhphone)
  130. Nervous
  131. I take things too personally
  132. Anyone take 15 mg MS Contin?
  133. Ophenidrine Citrate (Flexon, Norflex)?
  134. URO gave me a referral to pain clinic
  135. MS Contin making me very lethargic!
  136. How can I relieve the pain??
  137. vicoden is like M&M's
  138. Yet another med switch! Kadian users: talk to me, please!
  139. Topamax for pain
  140. Wish me Luck - Going to GP to talk about Pain Control
  141. No success with pain clinic. Im so mad and confused. I could just cry.
  142. kadian users,help......
  143. Lower back and hip pain
  144. Is anyone on Lyrica?
  145. confused- new doctor
  146. One Week On 50mg of Topamax and doing good.
  147. Reason for pain when stressed
  148. CNN.com article
  149. Hmmm...
  150. Ultram?
  151. Fentanyl Patches.....??????
  152. Thank god for Pain Doc's
  153. Im Sick Of Being Treated Like A Drug Addict!
  154. Avinza
  155. 1 Month and 1/2 on Topamax and doing great!
  156. ADs for pain?
  157. Sick of being sick
  158. How much pain is 'breakthrough?'
  159. Desperate for pain management or IC specialist
  160. Navigating the pain management mine field
  161. 1st week Topomax
  162. Question
  163. Patient Recruitment Completed for Pivotal Phase III Study of Remoxy
  164. Constipation from Pain Meds=GONE!!!
  165. are these withdraw symptoms?
  166. Keep your fingers crossed..waiting for Pain Management
  167. Scary night!
  168. Book on pain management
  169. Which Antispasm med do you find to work the best?
  170. Excellent pain/addiction article
  171. Stupid dumb question about ms contin?
  172. talk to me about B&O suppositories
  173. Want to hear from men diagnosed with IC
  174. Fentanyl Patch..Ickky..no thanks.
  175. Going to pain mgmt tomorrow...topamax
  176. My letter to Pharmacy-treated terrible like a drug addict!
  177. Tylenol Strong Enough???
  178. Opana?
  179. Is it possible to get a bad pill in the bunch?
  180. Question about pain at night
  181. Lyrica
  182. The price of pain
  183. made the call
  184. Effect of chemo on bladder
  185. Update on pain management thread
  186. How long until MS Contin lost effectiveness
  187. Cellcept
  188. Help! Mystery pain!
  189. hypnosis for pain?
  190. Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly USP 2%
  191. Blood
  192. REPOSTED FOR Sandy marie
  193. dx benign brain tumor-can't use most pain drugs
  194. shotgun approach
  195. Trying topamax again
  196. pain managemnet while breastfeeding....
  197. What meds do you take for bladder spasms
  198. Proced
  199. pyridium while nursing?
  200. Oxycontin-dosing question
  201. Baclofen question...does it help fibro and/or IC?
  202. MS Contin with Metformin for PCOS? Interactions?
  203. pain management
  204. I Don't Know How Much More I Can Take!
  205. What do I do now? I'm getting nowhere!
  206. Traveling to Europe with IC
  207. Good pain appointment
  208. I have a question about lortab....
  209. Help need new dr. in Auburn WA
  210. Got my tens unit today
  211. To use or not to use? Enablex, Ditropan, Detrol
  212. The way your treated!!!
  213. Weening off pain meds!!!
  214. My bladder pain is gone
  215. Worried about running out of pain meds-Dr. on vacation
  216. Pain with ic and period pain
  217. asking for pain management
  218. Stabbing Pain Gone
  219. Anyone Take IC blend to help with IC
  220. Urelle problems?
  221. Topamax, up to 75mg per day
  222. Pill Identification Tool - Link
  223. Magnesium citrate
  224. Levator ani trigger point injections
  225. lortab,again
  226. Ultram patients
  227. Is there a step between hydrocodone and percoset?
  228. nuerontin
  229. Drug Testing?
  230. Pain Journal
  231. B & O Supp.
  232. St. John's Wort
  233. Skin biopsy for chronic pain?!!!
  234. Mad...can't get all my B&O's
  235. I think I've found my angel...
  236. Some hope for my B&O's
  237. Pain medication for Sister
  238. In pain and upset
  239. What is the best pain medication out there???
  240. Migraine HELP!!! ? about MS Contin and Fioricet
  241. Need Help
  242. MS Contin
  243. Ultram ER and Lodine & small rant, lol...
  244. B & O Suppostitories...update
  245. Having A Bad Day
  246. Duragesic/Fentanyl Patches Cost?
  247. Stop the pain fast?
  248. Sorry for going MIA- My saga continues
  249. Managing your pain
  250. An issue with Pain Meds