Robert Echenberg
Dr. Robert Echenberg, one of the top pelvic pain specialists in the world, has announced that he is expanding his practice to New York City effective December 1st, 2015. He will be seeing patients two days a week in NYC and one day a week in his clinic in Pennsylvania.

Known for both his patient compassion and diagnostic acumen, Dr. Echenberg has worked with about thousands of men and women struggling with complex pelvic pain, including bladder, muscular, genital and sexual pain. He is one of the few providers in the world who clearly understands the complexity interplay between the organs, muscles and nerves in the pelvis. His passion is the development of a customized and non-surgical therapeutic treatment protocol for patients who have often been ignored or told their is no hope by other providers.

If you are struggling to find care or simply not making progress with your current treatments, he would be well worth a consultation and/or second opinion! To learn more about him please visit his website

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Here’s a copy of the letter he recently sent out!

For those of you who are hearing about our program for the first time and are considering making an appointment to see Dr. Echenberg, we would like to fill you in on several important changes regarding the Echenberg Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Pain.

  • echenberginstitutelogoDr. Echenberg will be seeing new patients and follow-up patients in New York City starting on December 1, 2015.
  • His Manhattan address will be:  1317 3rd Avenue, 6th Floor, NYC, NY 10021
  • Our program will continue to use the same phone & fax numbers, e-mail & website addresses from our Pennsylvania office. 

We are making changes for many reasons, but primarily to expand the reach of Dr. Echenberg’s expertise, in order to help raise awareness among other practitioners interested in his unique model of care, one that has helped so many individual women and men with persistent pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders.  Our program has now seen patients from at least 28 different states and from 7 countries outside the US.  About 1300 women and men have benefited from Dr. Echenberg’s knowledge, diagnostic skills, and unique and personalized combinations of non-surgical therapeutic techniques.

We have learned over the past decade that it is extremely difficult to find any other Board Certified medical practitioners who have the ability to spend at least 3 hours on that first visit in order to “connect the dots” concerning your particular complex of symptoms.  Listening, believing, and educating followed by a meticulous and detailed physical examination, initial treatments if indicated, and a detailed therapeutic plan are the cornerstones of Dr. Echenberg’s expertise. 

We know that specific diagnoses that make sense to each patient, along with a plan that includes safe and non-threatening multi-modality and multi-disciplinary treatments can make all the difference after suffering from otherwise unexplained symptoms that can affect quality of life for months, years, and even decades.

Dr. Echenberg’s program uses a combination of the most current neuroscience on chronic pain processing, a very personalized bio-psychosocial model of care, and his 40 years of medical experience working in the pelvic region.  This approach to individualized patient care explains the “difference” experienced by patients in our program, and distinguishes it from any other program for chronic pelvic pain found elsewhere in the world.

Many of our patients had already given up hope of finding any significant relief of their symptoms, but after entering our program, soon realized that there is a way out of pain and suffering through a combination of integrative care, compassion, state of the art knowledge of pain itself, and a dedicated staff to help restore hope and purpose in their lives.

We receive many requests from all over the US and the world; and we find it discouraging that there are so many women and men with genital pain (clitoral, vulvar, penile, vaginal, etc.), PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorders), painful sexual intimacy, as well as painful issues of bladder, bowel, abdomen, low back, buttock, tailbone, groin and hip, who have not been able to find relief of their symptoms.  Our program has found significant success in contributing to the management of all of these combinations of conditions.

If you have any interest in our program, what are your options?

  • If your women’s health physical therapist or any other pelvic pain practitioner has already recommended a referral to us, here are your options:
  • If you are being referred by a practitioner anywhere in the New York City region, we offer a 75-minute new-patient visit that would allow us to do a complete assessment and be able to work in an integrative fashion with your current practitioner (nurse practitioner, PA, physical therapist, emotional therapist, sex therapist, pain management doctor, etc.).  Dr. Echenberg learned early in the development of this program that when he worked together with a multi-modality, multi-organ system model, the results of therapies to lower the “dial” of chronic pain and enhance the quality of life was always greatly improved.

Our treatments include education, low, slow and staggered medications if needed, bladder instillations for Interstitial Cystitis, trigger point injections anywhere in the pelvic region (gluteus, piriformis, parasacral, obturator, abdominal wall, etc.), Botox therapy into the pelvic floor in selected individuals who have “plateaued” with their manual therapy, and a variety of pelvic regional peripheral nerve blocks (Pudendal, Ilio-inguinal, Posterior and Lateral Femoral Cutaneous, Genito-femoral, Ano-coccygeal, etc.).  All of these procedures can be quickly and safely done in the office setting and can significantly augment any other manual and/or mind-body therapies already underway. 

 If you wish to find out more direct information, or to schedule an appointment or a phone or Skype call directly with Dr. Echenberg, please call us at 610-868-0104 or e-mail our office at and leave a message for Kristin or Ashley.

We now have several volunteer patients who are willing to exchange e-mail communication. If you would like direct information about what to expect from our unique and effective program, just let us know and one of them can contact you as well.

Echenberg Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Pain

Robert J. Echenberg, MD