We wanted to know what patients experienced using BLADDER BUILDER® and developed a survey asking past and current customers their experience. The results were very encouraging. Like every other supplement and/or therapy, it certainly did not work for everyone. Forty one percent stopped the supplement for a variety of reasons including cost, physicians who wanted them to try other treatments and some side effects.

For the 59% of patients who remained on BLADDER BUILDER®, their symptoms improved dramatically. 21% reported that they are 100% better and symptom free using BLADDER BUILDER®. 33% report that they are 50% better. 22% report that they are 25% better and 24% report that they have not improved.

As we expected, the addition of Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) made this supplement the first to offer a pain reduction effect. 60% of BLADDER BUILDER® users report that their was pain was reduced.   62% report that they are having fewer flares and that the flares are less painful in 56% of patients. Flares were noticeably shorter in 50% of patients.  Urinary frequency improved by 25% and urgency improved in 27% of customers.

Side effects were minimal with 81% reporting no side effects. 4% reported upset stomach or bowel symptoms. 6% reported a little bloating. Only 1% reported that their pain or frequency worsened. 



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