champagne and giftsThere’s no reason to feel left out on New Years Eve when it’s time to make a toast! You’ll just need to pick the RIGHT glass of bubbly, preferably one that is lower in acid and alcohol than traditional champagne or sparkling wine.

Why? Champagne is well known by thousands of interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder and prostatitis patients as one of the worst bladder irritants and flare triggers due to its high acid and alcohol content. One of the worst IC flares I ever had was after drinking a tiny portion of champagne several years ago and I learned my lesson. If I’m not feeling well and my bladder is acting up, it’s always best to forego any alcoholic beverage, even on special days like New Year’s Eve.

The good news is that there are OTHER drinks that you can enjoy. Here are some tips to help you welcome the New Year in!

  • If you’re drinking any alcohol on New Years, make sure you follow it with a glass of water (or two) to dilute the effects.
  • Have a drink “on the rocks!” Ice/water helps to dilute the effect of the alcohol.
  • Use Prelief before or after you imbibe.
  • Make a wine cooler with sparkling water and a lower acid wine/alcohol (i.e. such as Merlot). Avoid the very sweet, more alcoholic white wines.
  • Try a Sparkling Pear, Blackberry or Apple cider. There are many new brands on the market that are organic and remarkably tasty!
  • San Pellegrino low sodium, sparkling water with some some blueberries, cucumber or lemon peel.
  • If beer is more your style, then go with a lighter, pale ale rather than a darker brew.
  • Consider trying a hard cider, such as a Pear or Blackberry Hard Cider which contains a lower amount of alcohol and are made from lower acid fruits. These can be very tasty!
  • Say No to Rum and Coke! If you’d prefer a mixed drink, sake is the most bladder friendly according to a research study done several years ago along with the clear, rather than brown, alcohols.
  • Use IC friendly mixers.

Just remember the golden rule. If you’re in a flare, stay away from alcohol and acidic beverages entirely!
Fill your champagne flute with sparkling water or a sparkling pear juice instead!

The Happiest of New Year’s To You! May 2014 be a year of healing, hope and love for you and yours!

Jill Osborne MA
ICN President & Founder