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Best IC Research, News, Blogs & Videos From 2016

From the finding that IC patients in flares often have candida in their urine, to the discovery that our gut biome is deficient in important bacteria, here are some of our favorite stories from 2016.

#1 – Best Research of 2016

Some IC Flares Are Caused by Candida

It’s impossible to estimate the number of times that IC patients have mistakenly assumed that their flares were caused by an infection and, of course, taken antibiotics “just in case.” New research from the MAPP Research Network revealed a new possible culprit for IC flares… active yeast/candida infections in their bladder. Unfortunately, urine cultures rarely test for candida.  Worse, those “just in case” antibiotics are killing the beneficial bacteria that normally keep candida in check.  Read the story here!

The DIPP Mystery

While the debate about the role of bacteria in the bladder continues, the MAPP Network researchers made a more shocking discovery…. that IC patients have significantly different levels and types of bacteria in our digestive tract (bowel) rather than our urinary tract (kidney, bladder). This suggests that the lack of beneficial bacteria as well as an overabundance of pathogenic bacteria play a role in the cause and intensity of bladder and pelvic pain. This vital research is worth the consideration of both patients and medical care providers who often turn, inappropriately, to antibiotics. Read the story here!

#2 – Best Professional Course of 2016

“Real Men Get Real Pelvic Pain” brought by Dr. Jeannette Potts to the American Urological Association annual meeting where they challenged urologists to look beyond the prostate and bladder when men experience chronic pelvic pain. The health of the pelvic floor muscles, the role of nerve dysfunction and functional somatic syndrome must be considered to save men from often years of ineffective prostate and antibiotic treatments. Read the story here! 

#3 – Best Consumer News  of 2016

In an era where almost every IC treatment has increased in price, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals became an IC angel when they dropped the price of the popular Hep-Lido-A bladder instillation to just $25 a treatment! Read the story! 

#4 – Best International News of 2016

Both Canada & the United Kingdom have released new guidelines for the treatment of bladder pain syndrome, normalizing the treatment for thousands of patients in those countries. Many Canadian patients have had no choice but to come to the US for treatment. This now gives them hope and a document that they can bring to their physicians to request better treatment. Read the story!

#5 – Best Book of 2016

The Interstitial Cystitis Solution is, hands down, the best book written on IC in two decades! Author Nicole Cozean explains beautifully the vicious cycle of bladder irritation, muscle tension and nerve sensitivity that’s at the root of interstitial cystitis and often sudden, brutal IC flares. If you aren’t responding to treatment or are looking for more information on IC, this book is for you! Read our book review here! 

#6 – Best Professional Blog of 2016

The team at Pelvic Health & Rehab are amazing. In addition to offering excellent physical therapy services for men and women with pelvic pain, their staff are also  brilliant writers. Their website and “As The Pelvis Turns” blog are one of our first stops as we cruise the web looking for important stories. Check it out here! 

#7 – Best Video of 2016

Jill Osborne

With almost 12,000 views since it’s been released last summer, our “IC Treatment in 2016 – Do you know the six steps of treatment” was the most viewed IC video on YouTube that year. If you are confused about your treatment options… if you think you’ve tried everything or you’re not sure what you should do next, watch this video! 


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My Google Profile+ Jill Heidi Osborne is the president and founder of the Interstitial Cystitis Network, a health education company dedicated to interstitial cystitis, bladder pain syndrome and other pelvic pain disorders. As the editor and lead author of the ICN and the IC Optimist magazine, Jill is proud of the academic recognition that her website has achieved. The University of London rated the ICN as the top IC website for accuracy, credibility, readability and quality. (Int Urogynecol J - April 2013). Harvard Medical School rated both Medscape and the ICN as the top two websites dedicated to IC. (Urology - Sept 11). Jill currently serves on the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Panel (US Army) where she collaborates with researchers to evaluate new IC research studies for possible funding. Jill has conducted and/or collaborates on a variety of IC research studies on new therapeutics, pain care, sexuality, the use of medical marijuana, menopause and the cost of treatments, shining a light on issues that influence patient quality of life. An IC support group leader and national spokesperson for the past 20 years, she has represented the IC community on radio, TV shows, at medical conferences. She has written hundreds of articles on IC and its related conditions. With a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacology and a Masters in Psychology, Jill was named Presidential Management Intern (aka Fellowship) while in graduate school. (She was unable to earn her PhD due to the onset of her IC.) She spends the majority of her time providing WELLNESS COACHING for patients in need and developing new, internet based educational and support tools for IC patients, including the “Living with IC” video series currently on YouTube and the ICN Food List smartphone app! Jill was diagnosed with IC at the age of 32 but first showed symptoms at the age of 12.