Introducing Acid Zap™, a New Acid Reducing Product

If you struggle with acid sensitivity and haven’t had a good response with the popular supplement Prelief, a new product on the market may be worth trying. Acid Zap™ is a simple solution of sodium bicarbonate and water that can be added, by the drop, to those acidic foods which normally irritate the bladder, stomach, gut and prostate.

Acid Zap™ is easy to use and the result are instant! It can be used in just about any food you find gives you (or others!) discomfort from consuming. Be sure to add the liquid to your foods and drinks prior to consumption. Acid Zap is practically odorless and tasteless, so there’s nothing to lose and only relief to gain.

Acid Zap can reduce the acid levels in:

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juices
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Chili & Tomato Soup
  • Salsas & dips
  • Pizza & pasta
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Red & white wine
  • Bloody Marys & Margaritas

Ingredients: Water, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable glycerin, xantham gum.

All-Natural Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Patented & Proven Acid ZapTM

What Acid Zap™ Customers Have To Say

I suffer from interstitial cystitis. A bladder condition that is greatly affected by acid foods. I have tried Acid Zap™ and have found it to be very helpful! I am enjoying acidic foods again! – Lisa B, Hamden CT

On occasion I have suffered from esophageal reflux after eating tomato soup, or other highly acidic foods. I recently discovered that just a few drops of Acid Zap™ effectively lowered the discomfort of eating my favorite foods. I can now eat anything I like without worrying about the consequences. – Laura C., Mayfield Heights, Ohio

I put a few drops of Acid Zap™ in my pasta sauce and I could not believe the results. Usually I need PrevacidTM when I eat pasta with tomato sauce. I’m sold!!! – Michael M., Strongsville, OH

How To Purchase It

Acid Zap™ is now available in the ICN Shop for just $12.99!  Click here for more info!