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covertest5-facebooktease300New IC Cookbook Released

Success Story – Treating IC and Pelvic Pain With Acupuncture

Hot Conversations in the ICN Forum
– Pregnant IC patient needs help from other moms!
– Is Zumba safe for IC patients
– Urethral Diverticulum
– Hydroxyzine HCL Causing Side Effects
– Struggling to find Bladder Friendly Foods
– IC Only On Bottom Half of Bladder

SSA Releases up New Ruling on IC

The Latest IC Research

Self-Help Tip – Considering Coffee Again?

Wellness Coaching for Newly Diagnosed Patients

Interesting Blogs, Articles & Videos

Looking for MD Recommendations

Recipe of the Month – Melt in Your Mouth Buttermilk Pancakes

April is IBS and Sjogren’s Awareness Month

What’s New in the ICN Shop
– GingerBee Pelvic Heating Pad
– Stash Herbal Teas
– OTC Nutraceuticals
– Essential Books


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