Latest Research News

Read the latest research news for interstitial cystitis, bladder pain, ketamine cystitis, pelvic pain and other related conditions! See our research news feed here!

ICN Clinical Trial Center

Clinical trials are used to determine whether new drugs or investigational treatments are both safe and effective. IC patients often choose to participate in studies because they may provide access to the latest investigational therapies and medications at no cost. Studies also allow the patient to interact with some of the best IC researchers in the country. Learn more in the ICN Clinical Trial Center

Bladder Photo, Image & Video Archive

A picture speaks a thousand words and none more so than the powerful pictures of bladders struggling with interstitial cystitis, chemical exposure, ketamine and more! View Our Bladder Photo, Image, and Video Archive!

ICN Survey Center

Patients can participate in a wide variety of IC research studies today in the ICN Survey Center! Surveys are periodically offered by academic IC researchers, pharmaceutical companies, graduate students and, of course, our own ICN studies. Take a survey now!!

Research & Survey Services

The ICN Survey Center provides real time data collection and analysis for researchers, graduate students and companies throughout the world who are conducting studies related to interstitial cystitis, pain management, complementary therapies, quality of life, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic floor dysfunction. We’re proud that data generated from our site has been presented at major medical conferences including the NIDDK Basic Bladder Science Symposium, ACOG, ISSWSH, AUA and others. Learn about our research services today!

CEU & CME Opportunities

CEU’s & CME’s are online educational articles that physicians, nurses and other health care providers can take to earn continuing education credits. They can also be used to educate family, friends and, of course, other medical professionals about interstitial cystitis. We’ve developed a list of articles that we feel are superb. See them now!

Medical Conferences

National organizations which offer conferences and annual meetings that cover interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome in depth, including offering courses, poster sessions and far thinking discussions. See our list!

Milestone Research Studies

Make no mistake. In the past twenty years, the international IC research movement has embraced not only the study of pelvic pain but have made substantial progress in the search for a cure. In the USA alone, the US National Institutes of Health has spent more than $100 million dollars into the study of IC, prostatitis and its related conditions. Many of these are milestone studies that have forever changed the way we look at IC. View the Studies.

Consumer Alerts

A list of important, often urgent, alerts regarding safety concerns, warnings & scams, often issued by the US Food & Drug Administration. Read them here!