Step 1: Making the decision of a lifetime

Keeping perspective: Pregnancy is for nine months. Parenting is a lifetime commitment.

Here are some of the questions that I explored with my husband. I can’t answer these for you…. and it’s important that you think about it honestly and openly. They can be tough questions. So, write down yours and and then sit down with your husband and talk about them. Don’t rush!

  • Do we want to be parents?
  • Do we want children?
  • Are we willing to change our lifestyle?
  • Can we afford children?
  • Will we make good parents?
  • Do we have family, friends or neighbors who can support us?
  • Will both parents work? Who will be the primary care giver? Who will be the primary financial supporter?
  • Can we afford childcare?
  • What does our health insurance cover?


  • Do I Want to Be A Mom? : A Woman’s Guide to the Decision of a Lifetime
    by Diana L. Dell, Suzan Erem