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Welcome to the IC Chef, an on-line cookbook for interstitial cystitis patients. Former ICN Asst Manager Diane Manhattan first began this cookbook back in 1997 and collected IC friendly recipes for patients to share and try. With Diane's unexpected passing in October 2003, we feel that it is so important to continue this legacy. As you browse these, please remember that IC patients have individual (and often different) food sensitivities, particularly to acidic foods. Therefore, it is impossible to offer recipes that will agree with everyone. Always use your best judgment when trying new recipes and refer to your food diary for any potential trigger foods. If an ingredient listed is one of your triggers, just leave it out or look for a substitute that agrees with you. The staff of the ICN would like to thank every patient who has contributed recipes. We always welcome recipe submissions. Please send them to


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Created Oct. 2000 - Diane Manhattan
Updated: August 2003 - Diane Manhattan
Updated: October 2003 - Jill O.

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