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Created: June 2001
Jill Osborne

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Prelief Fact Sheet & How It Works

What is Prelief
How does Prelief work?
Why is taking acid out of food important?
When should you take Prelief?
How do you use Prelief tablets?
How do you use Prelief Powder?
Does it change the taste of food?
Where can you purchase Prelief?
Who makes Prelief?
What is the Prelief Hotline?

What is Prelief?

Prelief is calcium glycerophosphate, a food-grade mineral classified as a dietary supplement, for use with acidic foods and beverages for more comfortable eating.

How does Prelief work?

Prelief takes acid out of food. Prelief works on foods like tomato sauce, pizza, orange juice, cranberry juice, coffee, wine, beer, cola and many other acidic foods. A single Prelief tablet reduces acid in a 6 oz. cup of coffee by 95%.

Why is taking acid out of food important?

Many people are highly sensitive to food acid, it makes them profoundly uncomfortable. Food acid can cause pain in many ways. For some people food acid causes heartburn; for others, bladder pain, urinary urgency and/or bowel distress.

When should you take Prelief?

Prelief should be taken immediately before acidic foods and beverages are ingested. And since Prelief is not a drug, you can take it as often as you like. It works immediately, so no advance planning is necessary.

How do you use Prelief tablets?

Take 2 tablets 3 times a day. Best with meals; also 2 tablets at bedtime if desired. You can use more tablets as needed.

How do you use Prelief powder?

Add 2 packets of powder to each serving of acidic food or beverage.

When Prelief is added to foods, does it change the taste?

Not at all in most foods. When detectable at all, the sole change is a slight reduction in the food's acid "bite".

Where can you purchase Prelief?

Prelief is available in the antacid section of leading supermarkets, pharmacies and discount stores. For a complete store list and for the names of stores nearest you, please click here to the Prelief website.

Who makes Prelief?

Prelief was developed by AkPharma Inc., one of America's leading developers of specialty foods and dietary supplements such as Lactaid® and Beano® .

What is the Prelief hotline?

The Prelief hotline is a toll-free number that provides the caller with product information, mail order service and the name of stores that carry Prelief. The Prelief toll-free hotline, 1-800-994-4711, is available weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST. You can also visit us at for more information about Prelief and other AkPharma products.

Lactaid® is a registered trademark of McNeil Consumer Products Co.

Beano® is a registered trademark of Block Drug Company, Inc.

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