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Intravesical Instillations

Bladder instillations are treatments that are administered directly into the bladder via catheterization. Some are "protective" coatings while others are mild or severe "irritative" coatings. For more information on instillations and catheterization, please visit the ICN Patient Handbook

Silver Nitrate

Generic name: Argenti Nitras, Nitrato de Plata, Nitrato de Prata
Manufacturers: Copley Pharmaceuticals , Eli & Lilly Company (Dista Pharmaceuticals)
Clinical Pharmacology:
Irritative bladder coating that is believed to work by stripping the bladder lining and killing any organisms which may be present in the bladder. Some researchers believe that by stripping off the damaged bladder lining, it will encourage the regeneration of a new, undamaged bladder lining. Once popular during the mid 1900's, silver nitrate is now considered obsolete.
Possible side effects: Damage to the bladder lining, burning, troublesome urgency, frequency, dysuria and pain for a few days after treatment.
Medscape Drug Monograph
Availability in Other Countries:

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Spain Argenpal Braun Medical
Ctra Tarrasa S/N Km 21.6,
Rubi 08191
Barcelona, Spain
Germany Mova Nitrate Lindopharm. Gmbh
Neustrasse 82
Postfach: 560
40705 Hilden, Germany

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Sodium Oxychlorosene (Clorpactin)

Generic name: Clorpactin WCS-90
Manufacturers: Guardian
Clinical Pharmacology: Irritative bladder coating, that is believed to work by stripping the bladder lining and killing any organisms which may be present in the bladder. Once popular during the mid 1900's, it is now less used in IC. Availability in Other Countries:

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Canada Clorpactin WCS-90 Guardian

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Hyaluronic acid (Cystistat)

Generic name: Hyaluronic acid
Manufacturers: Bioniche
Bioniche Inc. Receives European Registration for Cystistato
Clinical Pharmacology: Cystistat is for temporary replacement of the gylcosaminoglycan (GAG) layer in the bladder. "Hyaluronic acid is an important compound present in many tissues, including the mucous lining of the bladder. Research suggests that a higher concentration of Hyaluronic acid may offer added protection for the bladder wall."
Releated Research Studies & Web Sites
Cystistat-ICN Research Library
Bioniche Inc - What is Cystistat?.
Increased urinary hyaluronic acid and interstitial cystitis.
Intravesical hyaluronic acid in the treatment of refractory interstitial cystitis.
Availability in Other Countries:
Canada- For information on purchasing outside of Canada please contact Bioniche at 1-800-567-2028.

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Heparin Sodium

Brand Name: Heparin
Manufacturer(s): Abbott Laboratories , Eli Lilly Company (Dista Pharmaceuticals), Elkins-Sinn, Inc., Fujisawa USA, Inc., Pasadena Research, Pharmacia-UpJohn, Watson Pharmaceuticals(Rugby), Sanofi-Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, Schein Pharmaceuticals, Inc , Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Clinical Pharmacology: Anticoagulant- Heparin is a heterogenous group of straight chain anionic mucopolysaccharides called glycosaminoglycans having anti coagulant properties which mimic the antiadherence characteristics of the bladders mucosal lining. The recommended dosage for intravesical therapy is one 10mu/ml vial.
Possible Side Effects:
None available
Related Research Studies
Treatment of interstitial cystitis with intravesical heparin.
Epithelial coating techniques in the treatment of interstitial cystitis.
Intravesical treatment of interstitial cystitis with a heparin analogue.
Medscape Drug Monograph
Availability in other countries:

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Austria Calciparine Sanofi-Winthrop Pharmaceuticals
Austria Liquemin Roche
Austria ThrombophobS Ebewe Pharmaceuticals
Belgium Liquemine Roche
Canada Hapalean Organon Teknika
France Liquemine Roche
Germany LiqueminN Roche
Germany Venoruton-Heparin Zyma GmbH
Zielstattstrasse 40
Postfach: 701980
81366 Munich, Germany
Ireland Monoparin and Uniparin CP Pharmaceuticals
Cahill May Roberts ltd.
P.O. Box 1090
Chapelizod, Dublin 20 Ireland
Italy Liquemin Roche
Italy Ateroclar Mediolanum Farmaceutica
Via S.G Cottolengo 15-31
20143 Milan, Italy
South Africa Thrombophob Aventis-Pasteur
Spain Menaven Menarini
Switzerland Gelparine G. Streuli & Company
8730 Uznach, Switzerland
Switzerland Liquemine Roche
United Kingdom Multiparin and Uniparin CP Pharmaceuticals
Red Willow Rd
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wrexham, Clwyd
LL13 9PX, UK

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Bacillus of Calmette and Guerin

Brand Name: BCG-Tice®
Manufacturer(s): Pasteur Merieux (TheraCys) , Organon (Tice®)
Clinical Pharmacology: BCG induces a granulomatous reaction at the local site of administration. It is believed to work by stripping the bladder lining and killing any organisms which may be present in the bladder. By stripping off the damaged bladder lining, it will encourage the regeneration of a new, undamaged bladder lining.
Related Research Studies
Medscape Drug Monograph
Possible Side Effect:
Urinary frequency, Dysuria, Flu-like symptoms, fatigue, malaise
BCG-ICN Research Library
Psychometric analysis of the University of Wisconsin Interstitial Cystitis Scale: implications for use in randomized clinical trials.
The efficacy of intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin in the treatment of interstitial cystitis: long-term followup
The efficacy of intravesical Tice strain bacillus Calmette-Guerin in the treatment of interstitial cystitis: a double-blind, prospective, placebo controlled trial.
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin immunotherapy for refractory interstitial cystitis.

Availability in Other Countries:

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Austria ImmuCyst Serotherapeutisches
Richard Strauss-Strasse 33
1232 Vienna, Austria
Austria Onco Tice Organon
Australia ImmuCyst Organon Teknika
Belgium Pastimmun Pasteur Mérieux Connaught
Canada ImmuCyst Pasteur Mérieux Connaught
Canada Onco Tice Organon Teknika
Canada Pacis Faulding
France Monovax Pasteur Mérieux Connaught
Germany ImmuCyst Cysto Chemia
Biologish-Pharmazeutishe Praparate GmbH
Burgerstock 7,
79241 Ihringen, Germany
Germany Onco Tice Apogepha
Italy ImmuCyst Wassermann
Contrada Sant 'Emidio
65020 Alanno (PE) Italy
italy Imovax BCG Pasteur Mérieux Connaught
italy Once Tice Organon Teknika
Netherlands Onco Tice Organon Teknika
Norway Onco Tice Organon Teknika
Spain ImmuCyst Inibsa
Sweden ImmuCyst Organon Teknika
Switzerland ImmuCyst Sanofi-Winthrop Pharmaceuticals
Switz Onco Tice Organon Teknika
United Kingdom BCG-Tice® Evan Medical Ltd,
318 High Street North
Dunstable, Beds LU6 1BE
England, United Kingdom

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Brand Name:
Clinical Pharmacology:
"Capsaicin works by stimulating those afferent (inward-conducting) nerve endings that are receptive to the molecule. This is indeed the case, and intravesical instillation of the drug (injection directly into the bladder) produces a burning sensation that lasts for up to half an hour. Continual stimulation of these nerves, however, desensitizes them, producing a long-term reduction in the amount of pain they transmit."
Availability Other Countries: No Pharmaceutical Listings available
Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal,Spain, Switzerland

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Sterile Triamcinolone Acetonide Suspension USP

Brand Name:
Kenalog® 40
Apothecon (Bristol-Meyers Squibb)
Clinical Pharmacology:
Potent anti-inflammatory (hydrocortisone)-used in combination cocktails with Intravesical therapy
Medscape Drug Monograph
Availability Other Countries:

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Canada Kenalog Bristol-Myers Squibb
Germany Kenalog Berlin-Chemie
Ireland Kenalog Bristol-Myers Squibb
United Kingdom Kenalog Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Brand Name:
Abbott Laboratories
Astra USA Company
Fujisawa USA
Clinical Pharmacology:
Alkalinizing agent, it causes alkalinization of the urine and with intravesical administration, it helps in the prevention of urine interacting with the damaged tissues of the bladder. Sodium bicarbonate also enhances steroid activity and increases the inflammatory activity of DMSO.
Medscape Drug Monograph
Availability Other Countries:
For information on availability, please check with your medical provider and/or pharmacy.

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Brand Name:
Fujisawa USA
Roxane Laboratories
Schein Pharmaceuticals
Schein Pharmaceuticals
Clinical Pharmacology:
Local anesthetic used to relieve irritation and inflammation and to reduce pain with intravesical Treatments. Produces reversible loss of sensation by preventing or diminishing the conduction of sensory nerve impulses.
Drug Monograph
Possible Side Effects:
Numbness, tingling
Electromotive drug administration and hydrodistention for the treatment of interstitial cystitis
Electromotive administration of intravesical lidocaine in patients with interstitial cystitis.
Availability Other Countries:

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Argentina Xylocaina Astra
Australia Xylocaine Astra
Belgium Xylocaine Astra
Canada Xylocaine Astra
Denmark Xylocain Astra
Germany Xylocain Astra
France Xylocaine Astra
Italy Xylocaina Astra
Japan Xylocaine Astra
Netherlands Xylocaine Astra
Norway Xylocain Astra
Mexico Xylocaina Astra
So. Africa Xylocaine Astra
Sweden Xylocain Astra
Switzerland Xylocaine Astra
United Kingdom Xylocaine Astra

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Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate

Brand Name:
Solu Cortef
Clinical Pharmacology:
Steriod, used as an anti-inflammatory and/or bladder irrigation/washing.
Availability in Other Countries

Country Drug Name Manufacturer
Australia Solu Cortef Upjohn
Belgium Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Canada Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Ireland Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Italy Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Netherlands Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Norway Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
So. Africa Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Sweden Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
Switzerland Solu Cortef Pharmacia Upjohn
United Kingdom Solu Cortef Upjohn

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