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    Cysto & Kenalog Injection

    I went to a new specialist (at the U of MN) and they want to do a cysto with an injection of Kenalog (a steroid), Lidocaine and an antibiotic.

    I've never heard of injections in the bladder other than botox. Has anyone else had this? I've searched the board and didn't find much.

    I'm scheduled for this procedure Sept. 13.

    My last and only other cysto was in May. They did a hydrodistension and a urethra dilation - and I suffered for two months afterward. My bladder went into full retention immediately after the cysto, and then again a week later - for 5 whole days. I mention this all to let you know how unexcited I am at the thought of another cysto again so soon.

    Please let me know if you've heard of this type of injection. Thanks!
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    I've heard of all of those things being instilled, but not injected into the tissue.

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    Kathi, like Donna said about those meds being instilled in the bladder, I'm one who gets those instillations. I did read somewhere about Kenalog injections intramuscularly, but I've not heard of them in the bladder either. Maybe you can call you doctor to find out. I wouldn't think a cysto alone would be as painful as when you had the hydro but have you asked why your doctor wants another one so soon?

    Take care and may all go well. Please keep us posted.
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