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Thread: Coconut Oil

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    Thumbs up Coconut Oil

    I got a VV flare from the Estrace cream and I have used coconut oil (the one I have is organic and with no other ingredients) and it helped a lot. I cant believe it worked so fast. I read in another post and decided it to try it. I am really impressed.

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    Really coconut oil? What does this help with exactly if I may ask?
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    The raw feeling and the burning in the vulvar skin, like when you cant ever wear jeans or sit for a long time. I was amazingly impressed because I know when I have these flare-ups it just takes months to get better and I was afraid I was never going to get better anymore. I could not even wear pants yesterday and today it is already better. Really good stuff. Sometimes the simplest things work with this disease, isn't it?

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    It melts quickly on the hands, so work fast. I had some problems in that area when going through Menopause and sure wish I had known about Coconut Oil back then. I can see how it would have helped. I used to use hand cream.

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    I wish I had known it too. I suffered so much with this VV before.

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    Good to hear that. Is the coconut oil that comes in a jar? Or is it more liquid like olive oil?
    I want to give it a try... But I just ordered MSM gel that works great, so I dont know if " too many things"...
    I also read a while ago that coconut oil has antigungal properties. If thats the case, it'll be great.
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    Angeles, the coconut oil comes in a jar. Usually when you buy it, it's solid, but very quickly after you scoop it out, it turns to liquid, so be careful to avoid dripping oil all over. I have been using this for vaginal atrophy, and also as a lube. You can also cook with it, and treat your hair with it (but if you do this a little goes a long way!) The smell is heavenly!

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    Re: Coconut Oil

    What brands did you guys try? I bought de la cruz coconut oil just to try it, it is a very small tub. It has BHT and fragrance and since im sensitive to everything, ive been hesitant to use it.

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    Re: Coconut Oil

    I am actually eating coconut oil, 1 spoon once or twice a day. It should help with bladder as well. Not to mention how good it helps as lubricant.

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    Re: Coconut Oil

    I agree 100%! I cannot believe what a difference coconut oil makes. It's incredibly soothing,almost from the get go! I used it on vacation last week, swimming in a salt water pool. I was terrified. I applied it several times a day, hoping to make a barrier between me and the water, then when done swimming, I'd shower, and then slather again in coconut oil. Also amazing for the rest of your body! Love this natural alternative!

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    Re: Coconut Oil

    Pure coconut oil is amazing for so many things...vaginal dryness, lubricant, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, shaving, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, digestion, in smoothies, in coffee...the list is endless. I use it regularly as a skin moisturizer as I have sensitive skin and I can guarantee within hours of applying it to an irritated area the irritation is gone or at least under control.
    I use Tropical Traditions as its pure 100% coconut, and I mostly approve of their harvesting practices. They also guarantee their products....and they're always running sales.
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    Re: Coconut Oil

    The first coconut oil I tried was refined and organic. It caused me to have breakouts and ended up smelling unpleasent whenever I would use it. I switched to a non-refined organic virgin brand and the difference is huge. It smells like coconut cookies, is a good lubricant and does not make me break out. I use it daily on my lady parts, body and to treat my hair once a week. I haven't used it for sexual purposes yet because my hubby uses condoms :-\ but I would make sure you get the unrefined coconut oil.

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