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    How long for cipro to work?

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    Hi again. Sorry for all the questions, I just have one more. My doctor put me on cipro 500mg twice a day for five days. I have had three pills so far and I'm a little better but stillfeeling some pain. How long before the pain goes away, am I being impatient? Thanks everyone!

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    it always depends on a few factors, but for me I usually feel a difference in 2 days, but it can take 4 or more days for all the pain to go away. hang in there and take he whole amount he gave (you don't stop early).

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    Hi Anne. If you have a urine infection it could take up to a few days before you feel better. As far as IC goes my pain never goes away 100%. I always have some pressure, and it's worse when I flare.

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    IF UTI you should feel better

    If I have a UTI and the antibiotic is the right one for that particular infection I feel a little better within 12 hours (I also would take pyridium). I like to always have a culture to confirm a UTI before starting anything. Darn IC never goes away though.
    42 years IC. 2013 tried liposome instillations at California Stem Cell TC and the pain I guess from the catheter was too much. I tried 3 times. I am going to stick with trying a few old medications for now - hyomax and try vaginal valium. I still think herbs are so much safer than drugs.(I took an overview course a few years ago.) But there is so much little research on herbal remedies for this complex disease and people in pain need help as soon as possible, therefore RX drugs are necessary. I myself was trying elmiron (after cystoprotek and aloe vera did not seem to coat the bladder for me) Back to herbs, if you think that your IC is caused by histamines and allergies, etc, there are many researched herbs and herb formulas for that type of thing so perhaps that may be a path for you. But since IC is so complex, those herbs may not help. Perhaps if you think you are getting infections, there may be herbs that could deal with chronic, drug resistance problems but you would need some professional guidence. I believe I keep inflammation down by taking cucurmin extract, and other anti-inflammatory herbs - there are many good ones. You SHOULD find some that agree with you and your medication protocol if possible.

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