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    chamomile tea???

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    has anyone found chamomile tea
    to be a relief to symptoms?????

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    Good question; I'd also be interested to know.

    Personally, I like Chamomile tea, but I never really thought of using it as a treatment. Maybe I should, it's really tasty. Now I'm starting to feel like I want a cup right now...I think I will go make some

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    I make iced chamomile tea everyday since I gave up my morning coffee. Having a glass right now I don't know if it helps my symptoms, but it doesn't irritate my bladder.

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    I'm drinking some right now myself lol so far so good
    Angela aka sleepyangel30

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    I find no relief, but it is non-irritating and is a break from my "all water" routine. I jazz mine up sometimes with cream and honey
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    I find chamomile helps my congestion and I suspect if you respond well to antihistamines chamomile tea may help your IC. I am not certain that is does mine more than by helping to calm me.

    That is another thing that it may help is spasms since it has a calming effect. It is one thing out of many that I take when I am flaring but how much it helps by itself I am uncertain.

    I personally find that home grown wild chamomile helps me a lot more than store bought...seems a lot stronger.

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    thank you for all the replies to my original post

    it's safe to say chamomile tea works for the majority of us as
    at least a tolerable tea

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    I have had chamomile without problems, but of the teas that are safe, I prefer peppermint. It's even better with honey and milk.

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    It always helped me...It would calm my bladder right down, I would put a little honey in it too.
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