AUA Guideline Treatment Protocol

READ FIRST! Introduction to the AUA Guidelines for IC/BPS – The new six step treatment protocol for interstitial cystitis released in 2011 by the American Urology Association

Questions Worth Asking Your Doctor – Confused about what to ask your doctor? Here’s a list of questions you should ask as you discuss potential treatments, including: risk of side effects, success vs. failure rate, costs, etc.

AUA Guidelines for IC/BPS Updated in Fall 2014

Step One – First Line Treatments

Step Two: Second Line Therapies

Step Three: Third Line Therapies

Step Four: Fourth Line Therapies

Step Five: Fifth Line Therapies

Step Six: Sixth Line Therapies

Other Therapies

OTC Neutraceuticals & Supplements

In Step One of the AUA Guidelines, the use of OTC neutraceuticals is encouraged. Though they do not recommend brand names, several supplements are routinely suggested by practicing clinicians including:

Suggested Reading

References for Professionals

Books For Patients

  • IC Survival Guide – Written by Robert Moldwin MD, this book discusses, in depth, traditional IC therapies and pain care.
  • Heal Pelvic Pain – Written by Amy Stein PT, this book is ideal for men and women who are struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction and/or pelvic pain.
  • Ending Female Pain – Written by Isa Herrera PT, this book focuses on pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction in women
  • The Better Bladder Book – Written by Wendy Cohen RN, this book discusses alternative and complementary strategies for treating IC, including the role of gluten sensitivity in triggering bladder irritation.